Sweet Date at Igloo

Just before my special friend and I take our Christmas vacation, we decided to drop at Igloo in Gaisano Mall to enjoy the meals and sweet concoctions we love. The place is located at the ground floor of the mall together with all the other food chains or stores. Igloo has a very friendly ambiance making it more attractive to Dabawenyas and Davawenyos like us.

 Aside from the greatness of the place, they are also known for the foods they serve to their customers. With only a little amount of money, we already enjoyed our simple date. These are some of our order.

Chocolate Sundae! This is my ultimate weakness. I can spend the entire afternoon enjoying the sweetness of this ice cream. But no, I would not. Why? Because I need to gain my old body back. Therefore, diet.

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  1. masarap din ang spare ribs ng igloo btw here's my entry for FTF Sahm’s Dining Diary

  2. We don't eat pork eh :D Thanks po for the visit!

  3. yum...looks very delicious, great choices of foods here Sis :-) Visiting for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too.


  4. Thanks po ate for the visit :) Syempre naman, will return the favor..

  5. Pagkalami gene... Hehehe... Lami na ang moment nimo with Abdel... Lami pa jud ang food...

    Agi ko for FTF... Hehehe

  6. wow...kalami ba anang chocolate sundae oi...also my weakness. :)

    thank you so much for joining and sharing over at Food Friday, Ms. ALgene
    Happy 2012!

  7. @Rovie: Lagi, best moment shared witn him. Haha <3

    @Maiylah: Thank you for the visit Ms. Maiylah! Bisaya diay ka. Hehe :))


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