Jollibee Drive Thru

Having a great weekend with my family is something I look forward to. Nothing beats the happiness I feel whenever I share important moments with them. Saturdays are the perfect time for us to shop and to have fun. This is the day of the week where we go to the malls to shop and to our favorite restaurants to eat. However, when Sunday comes, things could start to become a little boring. We started the day by attending the mass and spend most of the time at home. Mind you, Sunday afternoons can sometimes be Uhm Yes unexciting just like how it went today.

My mom went to the mall earlier this afternoon and I decided not to come with her. I felt like I needed to rest more especially that some of my days at school were really tiring. At around three, I woke up from a good sleep and went to the living room to update my blogs using my brother's personal computer. After hours of using the internet, I realized I was hungry. So, I called my younger brother and asked him if he could drive for me.

In less than fifteen minutes, he brought me to..

We ordered for my favorite foods from Jollibee!

Can you guess which among the three foods above are my most favorite? 

Thanks Jobeeeee for making my Sunday afternoon great! 


  1. guess ko lang yung pies to go? ;) kasi ako gustong gusto ko yung banana langka pie :D

  2. You got it right ate KM. Same pala tayo ng favorite :)


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