I don't know what has gotten into me these days. All I know is that I want to create more blogs. LOL Though some of them are not totally up yet, I just can't help but get excited with all these great things happening. I am planning to transfer  my niche blogs  to Wordpress but I really find WP complicated. So, for now, all my blogs will be under the Blogger platform. As to the domains, I'm waiting for the GoDaddy sale. Christmas season is not the time to spend so much money for blogging purposes since I need to give presents for my loved ones! That means, there is a need to save more cash!

Welcome to my food blog where all my food adventures and misadventures will be shared. I'm also planning to write original recipes on this page.

I have decided to use the word "CHIC" in all web logs! :)


  1. wow! new blog! congrats gene...

    Nice kaau imong mga templates...Kinsa nag design?

  2. Daghan kau ko new blogs te noh? Patuga2 ba. Murag makaya nako. LOL :D Sa google lang ko gakuha ani te, sa images. Icheck comment nako sa Coffee CHIC :D


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