Bake and Churn Ice Cream

My first entry for food memes was posted on my main blog, The Coffee Chic. At the same time, I shared the post under the meme Thursday Brownies where my post was featured on my first attempt to join. 

The picture below is one of the images attached on the said post. It was taken at SM City of Davao on one of my dates with a good friend of mine. After seeing one of the movies in the cinema, we decided to stroll around the mall and see the places where we could have our merienda. We passed by Bake and Churn where we have seen all the baked ice creams and ice cream cakes. Since we love those ice cold sweets, we decided to stop by and buy some scoops. I had chocolate brownies while he opted for the butterscotch vanilla. 

Do you also enjoy indulging into the goodness of ice creams?


  1. I love ice creams, but sadly it loves my waist and hips! lol. but every once in a while it is a very nice splurge!

    stopping by from MommywholovesGiveaways Alexa Hop.
    JadeLouise Designs

  2. I just hope we could eat ice creams without gaining weight. lol Thanks for the hop Amber! :)


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