Chickies and Patties

I know eating Fried Chicken all the time is not good but how can I stop myself when Chickies and Patties offer affordable and delicious chicken meals? For only P82, one can already order for their 2 pc chicken meal with one rice.

Since it is the only place that is near my school, I and Abdel always choose to have our lunch and early dinner at the place. Going to the malls and other restaurants will cost us much time which is why we always stick to Chickies. It is a good thing because we get to save some bucks and enjoy a budget-friendly date. Sometimes, the best dates do not happen on classy restaurants.
Chickies and Patties keep the prices for their meals really affordable without compromising the tastes they serve to their customers. It is no wonder why students prefer going to the said restaurant as it will allow them to save more money. To contact Chickies and Patties, you can call their main branch at 227-3413.


  1. Nakupo Algene, tataba ka nyan! Hahaha. Napapanay ata ang food trips natin ha. :)

    1. Naku ate Kriz. Maraming food trips kasi may food blog na. Hahaha

  2. The chicken looks fine and healthy to eat. Yummy!


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