25 January 2012

Jollibee Breakfast Meals Delivery

Waking up at the wrong side of the bed is one of the things that we wish we do not experience. However, there are times when we can't help it ruin our mornings. No matter how much we try to avoid it, it just comes naturally. In times like this, the first thing that we must do is to get some great breakfast and jump start our day with a smile. We must try harder to remove the negative energies and enjoy sumptuous meals.

Thank you to Jollibee delivery for making my morning with Abdel perfect. Honestly, I wasn't in a good mood on the morning of his birthday. I wanted to do something and we ended up not agreeing about it which has caused my mood swings. Since I do not want to ruin his special day, I took some initiative to order for our breakfast meals instead of continue our petty fight. I called Jollibee Bonifacio and ordered for his all-time favorite Beef Tapa meals and my ordinary Beef Steak.

Once again, I received a quick and fast delivery from Jollibee. It took them less than 20 minutes to send us the foods I ordered from them. And the best thing of all, I was able to change the mood between me and Abdel. We stopped the argument and shared a great breakfast together. After our meals, we indulged into the sweetness of our fave Peach Mango Pie!

Here are the contact numbers of Jollibee branches in Davao city.
Toril (082) 291 1592
Matina Crossing (082) 296 0550 / 296 0711
NCCC Mall Matina (082) 298 4498 to 99
SM City Davao (082) 297 4380 to 81
Ilustre Davao (082) 222 6538 to 39
LACHMI San Pedro Davao (082) 222 1483 / 221 1484
Ramon Magsaysay (082) 221 0094 / 221 0501 to 02
Gaisano Mall Davao (082) 227 7098 to 99
Bajada Davao (082) 221 0044
Victoria Plaza (082) 221-23-99
Buhangin (082) 227 0856 / 227-0528
*Always remember to choose the nearest branch for fast delivery.
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  1. sarap nito! gusto ko yung banana langka pie :D meron pa ba sila nung daing na bangus?

    1. Ate KM, ang bilis mo namang maka-comment. Nabigla ako. Parang wala pang 5 minutes ang new post ko. LOL

      They only have mango pie ate. And yes, available pa rin yung boneless bangus nila! :)

    2. Aha Algene san kayo nag date ha? Mukang week end get away yan ah. Hahaha. Namiss ko tuloy bigla mag breakfast ng tapa at garlic fried rice. huhu...

      Yummy!! Gusto ko rin yang peach mango pie.

    3. Naku ate Krizza. Simple morning lang yan :) Like all other mornings we usually have (except the petty fight) LOL

  2. haha! na-timing-an ko lang na kakapost mo pa lang pala, kahit ako nagulat kasi may bago ka palang post. hehe :D

    salamat sa Jollibee at okei na ulit kayo ni Abdel ^^

    1. Thanks rin sa iyong comment ate Kriz. Hahaha :) Langhap sarap talaga ang Jollibee!

  3. Hello! Found you through the Alexa Blog Hop! I love the blog! I'm following :)

    1. I will visit you back Miss Mandy for the hop! :)

  4. May lahi ka bang Chinese Gene? Kasi morning yung date nyo eh. Hehehe

    1. Birthday niya kasi during that day ate Kriz so we decided to spend the whole day together. Naks! LOL

  5. Kaon lang jud makapawala sa kaguol ug makapa uli sa away... hehehe

    Kasayo ba sa Jolibee oi...

    By the way,gi add nako ang link ani sa foodie blog nako gene...Didto dapit sa may Blogging foodies...


    1. Hello ate Rovs, iadd pud diay nako imong food blog. Sorry medyo nabusy jud ko kaayo maong nakaligtaan :P I hope okay lang. Thanks kaayo!