Mango Float

There are many ways on how we could celebrate the New Year. Some prefer spending time with their families at home while others choose to go on a countdown party with their friends. For me, I chose to stay at my place and welcome 2012 with my mom and younger brother. Before the first minute of 1-1-12 strikes, I was busy preparing for the meals and desserts.

One of the foods I prepared was the Mango Float. Yes, I admit I'm not good in presentation but I think I'm going there. LOL I'm really glad that everyone in the family enjoyed the dessert I made for them.

The ingredients I used for this are:
  • 2 Bag of Ace Biscuits (Instead of the commonly used Grahams Crackers)
  • 2 Nestle Cream 
  • 1 Can Condensed Milk 
  • 6 Ripe Mangoes

The procedures to be followed in making a Mango Float are very easy. Even a seven year old kid could prepare it.
  1. Prepare all the needed ingredients and materials. 
  2. Combine 2 boxes of Nestle Cream and 1 can condensed milk in a mixing bowl. Set aside.
  3. Peel of the mangoes. Set aside.
  4. Start making the mango float by placing the ingredients in a glass ware. Follow this order: biscuits, mango, mixture and repeat until you're done.
  5. Freeze


  1. yeah we also had this on New Year. It was just so easy as 123.. BTW thanks for the visit of my entry Sahm’s Dining Diary

  2. As in, as what I've said, even a seven year old kid could do it without any assistance :D Thanks for returning the visit!

  3. i so wanted to make mango float today, for January 1. i decided not to yesterday but now, there were no mangoes is the market, so i wasn't able to make one. same here, i use Ace crackers, i use the chocolate crackers. thanks for the visit! Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for visiting back po! Happy New Year rin po :) My mom was able to get the mangoes kasi last Dec. 30 so I used them nalang to make a dessert instead na masira sila :P

  5. Happy New Year Gene!

    Prepared this one too for the new year... Hehehe not really my type but fave kasi ni Macky, it brings him good memories of his mom so I prepared it na lang... 2 times pako nasamad sa kutsilyo pag slice ug mangga... haha

    Pang YS visit ko ni ha... Please visit my food trips blog... hehehe


  6. Hello ate Rovie! As in, nasamad jud ka? Why oh why? Maybe you're too excited for the 2012, or daghan lang jud kay giprepare. HAHAHA. Anyway, sure, ikaw pa. I'll visit your food blog after this. Thanks ate ROvs!

  7. Hey I am a new follower on your blog! Feel free to stop by mine and check it out and
    Love to see you there, Happy New Year

  8. Thank you! Will hop back, Crissy :)

  9. This looks very delicious. I wanted to make this one but we do not have mangoes right now. Visiting for Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the favor too.

  10. These is very yummy. And I am craving just watching at it. Happy New Year!

    Fruit Centerpiece

  11. i spend mine at home too! its much safer and cozier and I can munch all night! lol.
    here is my dish Red Kidney Beans

  12. Looks yummy. I've never hear of that recipe before. I like to spend new years at home too. Of course, having kids makes that more likely now a days regardless :)

    I'm stopping by from the hop and am a new facebook (via personal account) and gfc/rss/network blog follower. Would love it if you'd visit my Facebook page

    blog rss

    and twitter page!/babysleepguide/


  13. i so miss eating and making mango float! thanks for inspiring me to make one! Kaso walang nestle cream dito sa Bkk.. I will try to look for a good substitute. thanks for the visit.. visiting back via YS!
    Raya of Eat Drink Blog

  14. Thanks for the comment. I already responded by visiting back your blogs! :D

  15. My son loves Mango, I'll give this a go :) - Mirage

  16. ayyyy ! gustong gusto ko nito :D salamat sa pag post ng recipe, Al! ang mahal kasi ng mangga dito at syempre seasonal kaya di ako nag-a-attempt gumawa. pero sa summer, subukan ko nga ;)

  17. Mahal talaga diyan ate KM. High end. Hahaha :) Dito kasi, medyo highly affordable kaya okay lang. Good luck sa summer!

  18. wow, that is one thing I missed this Holiday season. :-)


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