Coffee Bar on Vday

Sharing a glass of ice blended coffee is best done with the person you admire. For the afternoon of Valentine's day, one of the special persons in my life and I decided to visit Gmall because it is the nearest establishment from my school. We need to be around the vicinity of AdDU so I can return to the university just in time for my classes. As usual, we headed to Coffee Bar and ordered for our drinks. He chose Strawberry Vanilla Blend while I had my Cappuccino float.

I have to admit that his order was complety better than what I had. If only I knew earlier that Strawberry Vanilla Blend tastes perfect, I would have chosen it. However, that doesn't mean Cappuccino float was not a good coffee drink. 

So, here is my Cappuccino Float which took me a long time before I could finish them all!

Sometimes, it's not the order that matters. But rather, it is the moment that you spend with that one person you love on a special day. Coffee Bar is located at the second floor of Gaisano Mall. Mind you, this great coffee place offers affordable coffee drinks and foods!

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