Say it Sweeter with Toblerone

Toblerone Philippines is giving away your dream date, up to a monetary value of P50,000! Share your story now for a chance to win a special Valentine treat for your special someone!

  • Take a picture of yourself and a loved one holding a Valentine's edition Toblerone chocolate. Sleeves read "I'm Yours", "I Love You", and "You're Sweet".
  • Email the picture to along with a description of your most creative dream date. Full name, email address, home address, and contact number must be included as well. OR, simply register on their website and upload your picture and story on the promo page.
  • If your entry qualifies, it will then be uploaded in the promo gallery of the Toblerone website.
Chances of winning are dependent on the creativity of the picture, the creativity of the writeup, and the number of likes on your picture! Winner will be awarded at the Toblerone Media Launch on February 10, 2012. Promo will run from January 7 to February 5, 2012. Per DOH-FDA permit # 2316 s. 2011.

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