Mango Cake from Red Ribbon

Aside from shopping together, baking is also one of the bonding moments that I and my mom share. We feel good and happy when we help each other out in the kitchen. There are times when we don't agree about the ingredients and the procedures on how we bake the cakes and pastries. But despite all of these, we still manage to come up with yummy desserts. 

Just because we know how to bake doesn't mean that we don't love receiving cakes from our family friends. Of course, it feels great when someone visits our home and offers a layer of cake especially if its from Red Ribbon Bakeshop. 
Thanks to my brother's dentist for the Mango cake for showing an effort to give us one layer of a regular cake from my favorite Filipino bakeshop. Who wouldn't like a luscious Mango treat from Red Ribbon?
Mango Cake: Moist white chiffon layered with light mango cream filling and icing. Also with real mango bits, topped with luscious mango slices. Truly, it's more beautiful with a Red Ribbon!


  1. I love Red Ribbon Mango Cake,so delish

    visiting for yummy sunday

    hope you can visit mine too

  2. OMO.. love red ribbon.. they're making me a It's yum ever, was here from YS :)

  3. I love mango and this looks heavenly delicious :-) Visiting from Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return a yummy visit too.

  4. Yay, kalami ana Gene oi...

    Good bonding moment sad ninyo sa imong mama ang baking at least even during bonding time productive mo pareho.

    Please ko add sa new likn sa akong foodie blog ha. Naka domain na sya. About Red Ribbon sad akong post for FTF...Hehe

  5. We always ordered our cake there, if we crave. Visiting from YS. Here's my entry thanks Sahm’s Dining Diary

  6. oh by the way, I like your page in FB hope you can do mine too thanks
    Sahm’s Dining Diary

  7. Same here Gene, do u know that mango cake from Red Ribbon is my super favorite. Actually this vacation of mine, twice akong bumili ng mango cake sa red ribbon. yayyy! Yummy!

    I'm in Thailand now. Later, I will travel to Cambodia. Very tiring ang trip ko. Sakit pa nga ng katawan ko eh. Hayyysss.

  8. hi sis, the fb like box is in my sidebar thanks Sahm’s Dining Diary

  9. ang sarap naman yan gene! Pero I hope next time we can see photos of cakes you baked together with your mom! Exciting!


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