Massage Gives you the Gift of Grace

Recently I was inspired to write a post on massage therapy for those who haven't experienced it. This is the best way I can describe it, but keep in mind, I highly suggest you experience it for yourself!

Dreamily you drift in deep relaxation at a heightened level of consciousness, as waves of soothing sensations are transmitted to you from the caring touch of your bodyworker. Time seems to slow down and the sweet scent of lavender and almond oil fills the air. Cocooned in crisp white sheets and cradled by the gentle rhythmic sounds of waves lapping on the shore and birds singing, you sigh deeply and drift deeper.

Nagging aches and pains are swept away beneath the talented touch of the therapist who gently kneads the knots found until they release. With every breath you drift deeper into the moment, letting go of the worries that stressed you in the outside world.

Massage Brings a sense of Freedom - to Simply Be

Right here, right now, you are free. Free to focus on just feeling, on just being. For the next hour you forget everything but the here and now, feeling free, free to simply be.

Could you let go enough to give yourself the gift of grace? Of falling into that state of absolute bliss, where no one and nothing bothered you, just for that hour of sweet serenity?

Under a talented, experienced, empathic massage therapists’ hands, you can.

Massage – an Ancient Healing Tool

Massage has been known for thousands of years in cultures all over the world to have the power to reduce pain, combat stress, increase circulation and speed healing. What is the first thing a mother does when a child falls down and bumps his knee? She gathers him in her arms and places her hand on the injury, rubbing gently to soothe the pain away.

Touch conveys caring and compassion, providing a sense of well-being and security. Healthy, professional touch can make the difference between staying in a state of balance or falling into a state of dis-ease.

Regular bodywork has been scientifically proven to have many valuable benefits; from speeding recovery from athletic activities to the effective treatment of chronic injuries and disease to improving sleep, digestion and mood.

Massage increases relaxation and decreases anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and can even increase your ability to think clearly. Reducing fatigue and improving recovery, an hour of massage can provide you with more positive energy to handle day-to-day stress in your life (see a longer list of benefits).

Massage Improves Health

As a preventative therapy, massage offers very specific physiological and psychological changes in the human bio-system that go beyond just relaxing your body and mind – massage soothes your soul. A perfect prescription for optimum health, massage often produces an effortless, meditative state, allowing you a greater sense of awareness and the ability to exist at peace with the present moment.

Massage is a gift that you give yourself for the benefit of all. Regular bodywork can provide emotional and spiritual balance, bringing with it true relaxation and even bliss.

You deserve to let go of your cares, worries, stresses. Make an appointment with your massage therapist today and give yourself the gift of grace.

This post was written by Rodney Trepess, the founder & author at, a community for aspiring massage therapy students. If you have any questions for Rodney, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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