4 Online Tools Every Resourceful Business Owner Should Know About

Business tools are here for a reason - to lighten workloads and to promote efficiency in the workplace. But not every tool out there is tailor-made for your business. On that note, it is important for every discerning business owner to know what works and what doesn't for his business. 

It's been said over and over, efficiency is key to longevity, which for the most part, is the reason why implementation of efficiency tools like CRMs and intranets is on the rise. And if you're just starting out, how does a free CRM and intranet sound to you?

Bitrix24.com is an enterprise solution that's 100% free for small businesses with 12 employees or less. Essentially, what it does is combine all disparate tools you use for your day-to-day work functions in a single application - CRM for transactions and sales monitoring, workforce management, file and document upload, live streaming, calendar and project planning, and a whole lot more. Bitrix24 is cloud-based as well, meaning, no installation is necessary and you can access the application anywhere, whether via your smartphone or your computer's web browser. An upgrade to unlimited number of users is slated at $99 per month. 

Branding agencies are thriving. This is because entrepreneurs know that branding is an essential ingredient in the success of every business venture. Branding includes the name you assign to your business, product or service, even the domain you choose for your website. But the problem with branding agencies, they can charge up to thousands of dollars. 

PickyDomains.com is an online naming platform that's been in the business of assisting individuals and small businesses come up with catchy, appropriate and unique names, domains and slogans since 2007. PickyDomains now boasts of a solid contributor base of more than 50,000 from all over the world. To avail of the service, simply become a client by registering with the site, make an upfront payment of $50 if it's a name or domain you're looking to come up with, or $75 for a slogan, and specify your naming instructions. If not even one of the hundreds, or even thousands, of suggestions you receive satisfies your requirements, you get your upfront payment back. 

If travel is part and parcel of your business operations, cheap airfare can help you cut down on travel costs. Nowadays, however, with the ever intensifying competition among low-cost carriers, airlines are reserving their cheapest promos into their own sites. This leaves the deal hunter with no choice but to go from one site to another to search and compare promotional offers until he finds the best ticket price possible. 

JetRadar.com is a metasearch engine that systematically combs through 700+ individual airlines and hundreds of flight and travel sites for the cheapest airfare promos and makes the data available in a single web address, dramatically reducing the time it takes to find the best airfare deal. 

For most business owners, the idea of automation in their workflow processes is definitely appealing. This benefits their employees in ways more than one - clear tasks and priorities, auto-generation of next-step tasks in a collaborative workflow environment and real-time tracking of projects they're on the lookout for. 

Comindware Tracker and Comindware Task Management when combined are a breakthrough solution for workflow management, issue tracking and task administration and automation. Built upon an ultra-flexible ElasticData technology, with Comindware, you formulate processes now and change them later if and when the need arises, allowing you flexibility at any stage of the workflow. Also, Comindware makes use of a unique ConnectStep technology that automatically generates next-step tasks for each user. Comindware is yours to try free of charge, and depending on the number of licenses you choose to purchase, you get the software at a discounted price.

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