5 Fun Filled Cooking Activities for You and Your Kids

Cooking is usually perceived by most children as a real life game for adults. Most of the time, we usually catch them talk to themselves and play the role of a mother who prepares food for her children. This is one of the manifestations that kids nowadays really love to involve themselves into role play cooking games As a parent, I believe that the best way to train our children to cook good food is to involve them into several full filled cooking activities which would make both of you bond and get to know each other in a deeper sense. What we have in this article are five of the fun filled cooking activities which you could do with your child while having fun and learning things about cooking and food preparation.
1. Cook pancakes together - Pancakes are recipes that can be easy cooked by most kids. I guess it would be a mice idea to wake up your kids on a fine Saturday morning and tell them that you are going to have fun together while you cook pancakes for breakfast. You could involve them in this activity by teaching them how to properly mix the pancake mixture and pour on the hot pan. It would also be fun if you teach your kids how to be creative as they garnish these pancakes with berries, fruits or syrup to make it look cute and funny upon presentation. 

2. Bake cookies – Easy to make cookies such as drop cookies and gingerbread are fun recipes which kids would surely love to do. As an activity for them, you could teach them how to use the cookie cutter to create shapes and figures that amuse your kids. To make the atmosphere better, you can also let your kid come up with a story using the shapes and figures that your child made out of the cookie dough. After molding and baking, you could serve the food to the family members and tell them the story about those amusing cookie shapes that your kid created.

3. Bake cakes – I am well aware that cakes are one of the most sensitively prepared foods among all of the baked products. The mixing technique requires specific strategies that should be done in a very careful way to be able to create a wonderful output. As result, baking cakes with kids would be advisable for children who are at least in their late childhood stage, like 10-12 years old.

4. Create finger foods – Organizing a very simple family cocktail party would be very Great Avenue to supervise your kids in the creation of finger foods that are easy to prepare. Since most finger foods are usually fried, it would be great for your child to be of great help when they would be trained to dip ingredients into the batter and coat them with bread crumbs to have crispy finger food such as chicken lollipop. 

5. Make tiny sandwiches – I am pretty sure that these children would feel proud to present to their guests that they were able to create colorful canapés with the help of their mother. As a beginner in the kitchen, you could teach your kids how to fill sandwiches and cut them into small pieces that could be served in a small tea party for the family. 

So with these 5 activities that you could share with your children, you definitely would start thinking that children are not just meant to be role playing while they play cooking games, instead; they could also be your junior chefs who could help you prepare and come up with deliciously made food cooked in a loving and fun filled manner. 

About The Author: Ron Leybais a Filipino blogger who blogs about Filipino recipes most of the time. Check his website at http://ronleyba.com


  1. I have a 5 yr old niece who always helps her mom in the kitchen. And she loves slicing those veggies, she loves the kitchen more than I do.. Which is good.. Hehe

  2. great tips! sure comes handy to all moms out there :)


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