Cafe France: Now in Davao

The long wait is finally over. CafeFrance is now here in Davao city and ready to offer a different kind of coffee shop experience to all Dabawenyos and Dabawenyas. I was able to attend the media brunch held at the new cafe last August 15, 2012. It was headed by Cafe France's marketing head, Mary Haydee Evangelista. I, together with the members of the press and other Davao bloggers, had a taste of the delicious, healthy and fresh menu served by Cafe France.

CafeFrance is one of the most well-loved cafes in Metro Manila. Now that they have decided to expand their operations in Mindanao, there is no doubt that it will grow bigger and will continue to serve healthy menu.

Classic Sandwiches: Grilled Ham and Cheese, Egg Salad, Tuna Onion, Chunky Chicken, French Dip Roast Beef, Crabstick Celery

Gourmet: Farmer's Ham, Brie & Raspberry, Norwegian Salmon, Grilled Chicken Oriental

Clubhouse: Premiere Clubhouse, California Chicken, Seafood Deluxe, Spanish Sardine

CafeFrance also specializes in offering mouth-watering pastas! Their menu includes Spaghetti Pomodoro, Spaghetti Carbonara, Beef Lasagna, Chicken Mushroom Linguine, Shrimp Pesto, Seafood Marinara and Norgwegian Salmon Pasta. Pasta plates are available ala care or with soda. 

The tray couture is a signature of CafeFrance. It is a French gourmet tray with sandwich and pasta combination served with soup, dessert and choice of drink (choices: freshly brewed coffee, four seasons, iced lemon tea and orange juice.) These are the perfect combinations prepared by CafeFrance:
  • Adelle - California Chicken Clubhouse & Garlic Pesto
  • Marguerite - Premiere Clubhouse & Shrimp Pesto
  • Philippe - French Dip Roastbeef & Beef Stronganoff
  • Pierre - Seafood Deluxe Clubhouse & Seafood Marinara

Rice meals available at Cafe France:
Breakfast Beef and Egg, Beef and Mushroom, Roasted Chicken with macaroni salad, Hickory Baby Back Ribs with Potato Salad, Fish fillet in Tartare Sauce, Beef

"We would like to re-define the way people see cafes as solely a meeting place over a cup of coffee. But instead, we would like to go further by providing not only a destination for them, but an actual venue where they can share views and spend time over good food at any time of day." - CafeFrance


If you want a new kind of dining and relaxing experience, make sure to visit CafeFrance now. They do not only serve healthy and delicious foods but also provide the best services to their customers. It is the perfect place for hanging out with friends, studying for your exams or even conducting business meetings. The place can cater up to forty persons. It is located at the second floor of Manila Bulletin Building along J.P. Rizal.

CafeFrance will open three more branches in the city. The two branches will be located at the upper ground floor and The Peak of Gaisano Mall. The third branch will be at SM Lanang. 

For more information, please visit Cafe France's site. You can also like their facebook page to get instant updates and offers from 'em!


  1. All the food is mouthwatering,when it comes to food, Philippines is the best

  2. awww! I bet that you are very happy that finally it is in Davao :-) all the treats and foods looks very delish :-) I am glad that i jsut had dinner or else I will drool to the max :-)

  3. Oooh, I love quiche! :). It's good that they opened in Mindanao.

  4. branching out means the business is booming, congratulations to Cafe France!

  5. Coolness! They got a dish with my name on it...literally. Looks like that's the one I gotta try next. Thanks for sharing.

  6. And its location is literary! Why didn't I know about CafeFrance when I was in Davao last month... well, next time then.

  7. My Cafe France favorites are croissants and their brewed coffee. It's good they have one in Davao now.

  8. ohhh...drooling! makes me hungry early in the morning...

  9. Such a cool place to dine. Yummy treats.

  10. nice sandwiches preparation. how i wished there'll be that kind of resto here in our place. honestly, i only get to visit a cafe (gloria jeans) once...because, except for the sky high prices on the foodies, they only get to offer few select dishes.

  11. Wow such feast! I'm sure you'd be showing a lot more, I still have to eat lunch, this is good appetizer for me hihi! ;)

  12. I enjoyed the food we had during the media brunch!

    We already came back and I realize I like the place actually because it is unique and it has a homey feeling being in an old house in the heart of Davao City adding to the unique food trip experience.

  13. I love Cafe France and I know that the Davaoeños will love it too. Good luck to the new branch.

  14. I've yet to try out their breads! Hopefully, it's as good as Bread Talk. Anyway, Im sure it will be because I've enjoyed my first time dining here. Look forward to my next visit. Hope you can check out my blog:

    PS: Followed you via GFC :)

  15. bat may something na nakapatong sa ibabaw sa last two picture.


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