Hollywood Burgers

After having a long day at school, my classmates and I decided to go to The Peak of Gaisano Mall-Davao to satisfy our food cravings. It took us almost thirty minutes to park in the mall because it was a Saturday. Nevertheless, we were still able to get the most satisfying food trip ever! 

One of the newest restaurants at The Peak is Hollywood Burgers. From the name itself, there is no doubt that they specialize in serving delicious burgers! Their menu is composed of three main categories namely: The Blockbusters, The New Stars and The Schwarzeneggers. We ordered Arnold's Giant from the third category. It is a giant burger which is four times bigger than the regular one.

Aside from the 2 Arnold's Giant burgers, we also ordered Hollywood Cheesy Fries and Hollywood Sour Cream Fries.

The Blockbusters
Hollywood Regular Burger
Hollywood Premium Burger
Salma Hayek Burger
El Diablo Burger
Di Caprio Burger
Hawaii's Burger
L.A. Burger
Michael Pena Burger
Kevin Bacon Mush
Stuffed Hollywood Style Burger
Price Range: Php 99-225

The New Stars
She is Crazy Burger
Elvis Burger
Eastwood Burger
Chili Beans Burger
Price Range: Php 169-199

The Schwarzeneggers
Twins Burger
Hollywood Monster Burger
Arnold's Giant
Price Range: Php 209-299

Hollywood Burgers also serves fries, onion rings, breakfast meals and beers! 


  1. I love their burger. I had the chance to taste that during the Social Media Day. I wish to try their french fries too :)

  2. Oh my, the burgers looks so big and yummy and i really want to have a taste of that hollywood burger. I usually see burgers like that on hollywood movies only hehehe

  3. yummmy...i could use one of those right now! :)

    thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis

  4. ok. now i'm totally craving for burger and fries!
    bring 'em to cebu!!! hehe.. :)

    cheers :) blog walking from BB :D

    Props! Peace Out! :D

    Everything Etcetera

  5. looks yummy and delicious. made me hungry right now. that burger look so inviting

  6. I drive my kids to McDonalds :-) the kids love the kiddie meals because of the toys and I usually order regular cheese burgers for myself :-) I love their coupons too, gives me free to eat :-)

  7. I love those fries, I miss it. Nowhere I can get it here, that is only in the Philippines. Looks a fun food trip indeed.

  8. Wow that is a big burger yummy and the french fries so yum yum....

  9. wow! that burger look so good and yummy! i was wondering where is The Peak in Gaisano Mall? Its been 5years since I visited the place. did they add more stories of the Mall? or its like at the roof top? thinking about this makes me wanna go home.

  10. Wow thats huge and looks so delish :)

  11. Ahh, they do have yummy and large burgers! I think they offer great value for money because the patties are really good, too.

    I blogged about Hollywood Burgers, too. If you want to read it, it's available here: http://davaofoodguide.blogspot.com/2012/11/hollywood-burgers-satisfy-davaos.html

  12. well no doubt sa kalami sa ilang burger..ang di lng nq ganahan is ang ilang service..kuyaw kaau ilang mga waiter ky halos di managad..nag ask mi fork ug bread knife..2 ka bread knife ang gihatag taz 1 lng na fork..nag ask pd ug water ug tissue aqng partner..nahuman na lng mi ug bayad wa jd mi tagai..tsk tsk tsk..nagapamili cla ug customer..


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