Jollibee: Crispy Wings Hour

When it comes to affordelicious meals, the first thing that comes into my mind is Jollibee. There is something in this Philippine fast food chain that keeps me coming back for more. The nice thing about Jollibee is that they always add a Filipino style on their meals such as spaghetti, burgers and chicken joy. They are never satisfied which is the main reason why Jollibee keeps on introducing new things.

Just recently, Jollibee launched its Crispy Wings. This new meal is composed of 2 pieces of chicken joy with a choice of regular fries or rice and drink. For only Php 80, you can already have this affordable and delicious meal. Crispy 6-Wing Pack is also available for only Php 199 with three regular drinks.

Marinated chicken wings in special seasoning, deep-fried to a perfect and delightful crisp. It comes with Sweet Chili dip.

Have you heard of Jollibee's Crispy Wings Hour? From 3 to 4PM every Friday of the month of October, all customers can receive FREE tasting of this new meal (nationwide - all branches). Last week, I got an invite to witness how fun the Crispy Wings Hour is at Jollibee - SM City of Davao. Below are the two videos taken during the short and sweet event:

At exactly 3 in the afternoon, Rovic Cuasito, the dancers and Jollibee partners entertained everyone with a lively performance. The production number was their unique way of calling the attention of all the customers who can get a chance to enjoy the new crispy wings for free.

Rovic Cuasito, a Davao Kapamilya host, graced the event. Watch the video above to learn more about Jolibee's newest affordelicious meals.

Jollibee's marketing team with Rovic Cuasito and 'the dancers.' They are all happy to see everyone enjoy the Crispy Hour! Thank you to the whole team of Jollibee for inviting me and my fellow Davao bloggers! 

What are you waiting for? Get a bite of the newest addition to the menu of Jollibee - Bida ang Saya!

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  1. Jollibee is truly affordelicious that's why it remains one of our favorite fast food chain and they are strategically located, we have one near the entrance to our subdivision. We'll be sure to check out this new offering on our next visit :)

  2. Jollibee is one of the fast food chains i grew up with. and now my kids are loving the same big bee i used to love. their chickens are always the go-to chicken for me and my family :)

  3. I already taste the crispy wings and I like the taste. It is more creamier and juicier. The volume also fits my stomach.

  4. oh how i wanted jollibe at this time! I've tried jollibee in vietnam but not as really yummy as we do have! xx

  5. Really? Free tasting! That's awesome! I've been actually trying to stay away from fast food, but this is something I couldn't miss.

  6. ang cool nito!! havent tried jollibee's crispy wings and i feel like im missing a lot! should try this tom for lunch :)
    The Bargain Doll

  7. I'm a Jolli-kid myself. 10-15 years ago super sarap tlga ng jabi! Swak pa rin sa budget ngayon, but somehow, iba na ang lasa nila.. oh well..


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