The Legacy of SumoSam

It's time to welcome a brand new SumoSam branch in the city! Last week, the big men and women behind this Japanese restaurant came here in Davao to open The Legacy of Sumo Sam at SM Lanang Premier. 

Some bloggers and members of the Press were invited to grace the Dine and Chat with Marvin Agustin. Chic Foodie was one of the chosen bloggers to attend the said event. Together with actor Marvin Agustin was Mr. Carlo Lorenzana who is the owner of the three SumoSam branches here in Davao. Mr. Raymund Magdaluyo, the principal owner of SumoSam, was also present. 

As mentioned in my previous post, the co-owner of SumoSam, Marvin Agustin, wanted to make a twist of the traditional ribbon cutting. Instead, he decided to have a unique Sushi Cutting. You can watch the video here: Sumo Sam in the City.

The beautiful and talented chef, Gemma Heradurra, prepared sumptuous meals for everyone. Below are some of the Japanese foods served during the said event:

Sesame Chicken - The best thing about this food is its spicy noodles. There is a perfect combination of  the noodles, chicken slices, shrimps, vegetables and sesame seeds. 

SumoSam's Pride Salad - To be honest, I'm not a big fan of fresh salad but when I tasted SumoSam's pride, I realized that it wasn't really bad as I thought. There is a generous serving of each ingredient which perfectly complements each other.

Chicken Teriyaki - In every buffet table, I always have my favorite food. For SumoSam's Japanese feast, my personal fave is the Chicken Teriyaki. The meat is really delicious and it is cooked in a perfect way. The sesame seeds also add a different taste on this grilled chicken.

Tempuras - Some of the best Japanese foods are Ebi Tempura, Fish Tempura ad Crab Tempura. All these were served by SumoSam on the table. Of all three kinds, my ultimate favorite is the Ebi Tempura.

Makis - California Maki is always my number one order in Japanese restaurants. So, when it was prepared on the table, I made sure that I grabbed some of it first. SumoSam didn't fail my high expectations because Chef Gemma was able to come up with a really good California roll. The other makis served were Mt. Apo roll, Dynamite roll and Crunchy Tuna roll. 

(Upper left: Dynamite Roll; Upper right: Crunchy Tuna Roll; Lower left: Mt. Apo Roll; Lower right: California roll)

Paired with all my Japanese foods was the perfectly sweetened Mango Shake. 

Make sure to visit this newly opened branch at the ground floor of SM Lanang Premier. It is located near the Fountain Court. Aside from this branch, Mr. Carlo Lorenzana, also owns the branches at Abreeza Ayala Mall and SM Annex. 

To get more updates about SumoSam, make sure to like them on Facebook. 

Click here for ALL the photos taken at The Legacy of SumoSam!


  1. your food pics are all mouthwatering! i share your joy on being invited for food tasting. i enjoy my slight share too here in sg. fellow foodie here. :)

  2. That's so nice you were invited to the opening. GREAT pictures too!

  3. wow...amazing, i am interested to try the foods in that resto, now i'm drooling..

    1. You should, Sis! When you get back here in the PH, make sure to visit SumoSam :)

  4. I'm drooling just by looking at those pics. Seems a great place to dine.

  5. everything looks delicious...our family loves Japanese foods, so we will try this next time we will be in Manila. :)

  6. This is the 2nd blog that made me feel very hungry and I only had coffee this morning, I think it's time for me to grab food. The pictures were well taken. Great Job! Way to go!

  7. Been reading a lot of raves about the opening. A must try! The foods really looks yummy!

  8. Wow so yummy foodies so lucky to eat those foods. Like to try those types of foods.

  9. oh,my! looking at those foods made me drool all over the!

  10. wow! that is great! i want to dine in here in when i get home. im not a sushi fine but that sushi that marvin is cutting looks really good!

  11. Yummylicious tepanyaki and salad! Wish to visit them with girlfriends... how affordable pala ang mga menu?


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