Lunch Treat at Bistro Selera

A newly-opened restaurant at SM Lanang Premier, Bistro Selera, invited me for an exclusive lunch treat with my fellow Davao Bloggers. On that special day, Chef JP Landingin, prepared a lovely menu for everyone. He made sure that we get the best from appetizer to the main course and up to the desserts. 

The owners of Bistro Selera take pride in being one of the successful businesses that originated here in Davao city. Their first branch is the famous Kusina Selera at Paseo de Legaspi. For this year, they have decided to expand and offer new dishes to Dabawenyos. Earlier this month, the new bistro and bar branch was opened to satisfy the cravings of Davao foodies.

"We shall be highlighting on classic signature dishes and introducing new selections. We shall also be serving wine and other alcoholic beverages, including our signature cocktails and Selera's brewed coffee." - Bistro Selera fan page

On the said event, we had a fun chat with the people behind the success of Selera - Marivi Laurel, Googie Sanga, Michael Trinidad and Anton Chiew. They shared the vision of Bistro Selera and its possible expansion in the coming years. They also talked about how they transformed Kusina Selera into a bistro and bar. This time, they are not only serving Filipino cuisine but also cocktail drinks.

Thank you to Chef JP for all these sumptuous dishes!

Bacon Wrapped Bagaybay

I started to love Bagaybay when I found out that it's my mom's favorite. Everytime we dine in at restaurants, she orders for dishes with Bagaybay as the main ingredient. This is the reason why I became familiar with the taste of such delightful food. When Selera's Bacon Wrapped Bagaybay was served, I said to myself, "This must be something really good." And yes, I was right. The bacon made the dish lovely.

Two Fish Roll with Cilantro Sauce

The famous Bangus and dried tuyo combined in one! This is why this dish is called Two-Fish Roll. On the side is cilantro sauce which is the perfect complement for the roll. This appetizer has a unique taste because of the tuyo Chef JP added on it.

Pan Seared Tuna

Of all the dishes served on the table, this is the only one that I was not able to taste. Unfortunately, I don't eat raw food such as sashimi or Pinoy's kinilaw. Pan Seared Tuna is served with tomato, spinach, onion and itlog na maalat. On its side are toyo-mansi sauce and durian curry sauce.

Selera Mixed Seafood Soup
This is the pride and joy of Chef JP. At first glance, the dish may look like an ordinary soup. But when you get a taste of it, you will realize that there is a secret ingredient on it. Guess what? This Selera soup has Davao's Durian on it. The good thing is that non-Durian lovers will still enjoy the soup because the fruit does not overpower the taste of the seafoods.

Pork Ribs Inasal

The second pride and joy of Chef JP is the pork ribs inasal. What is so amazing about this dish is the way it's cooked. When it comes to Filipino dining, inasal is always on the table. I suggest that you enjoy the juicy and tasty Selera's Inasal on a dinner.

Selera's Beef Roullade

This is Selera's version of Pinoy's Bistek Tagalog. This dish is served with garlic rice or garlic and olive oil pasta. The perfect twist on this meal is its caramelized onion.

Freshly-made Mangosteen Ice Cream with Sticky Rice

The last treat is awesome. It was my first time to try a freshly made Mangosteen ice cream. I don't usually eat the said fruit but when used as main ingredient on Chef JP's dessert, I absolutely love it. Together with it is the sticky rice aka suman.

Mangosteen Mousse
Aside from Davao's famous Durian, Mangosteen is also abundant in the city. Because of this, Chef JP created another dessert featuring the fruit. If you love eating Mangosteen, then this is the perfect sweet treat to order.

Strawberry Mintini and Michael's Madness
Drinks on a lunch treat? Why not? Between the two, my favorite is Michael's Madness. Bistro Selera offers a variety of drinks for those who love to enjoy our own Filipino foods and those who want to get a taste of different cocktails. 

Davao bloggers with the great men and women behind Bistro Selera! Visit this Davao homegrown restaurant at 2nd Floor, Fountain Court, SM Lanang Premier. Enjoy Filipino Cuisine at its best.


  1. I am drooling with the foods here

  2. Your photos surely make me feel hungry. Davao bloggers are so lucky.. I envy you guys! With this kind of food and wonderful ambiance,this Resto will definitely make Davao the best place to be.

  3. All I can say is a big WOW! So tempting!

  4. It was such a great and unforgettable experience to be able to dine at Bistro Selera.

    This place is should be included in a "MUST VISIT" place in Davao City.

  5. The mangoosteen moose looks very appealing and refreshing.

  6. Algene, this post made me really hungry! Those dishes look really good.

  7. Tempting food! I'm intrigued by the bacon wrapped bagaybay. Will try it out soon :)

  8. Yummy naman ng foods. This makes me drool.

  9. Oh wow! I bet y'all Davao Bloggers who attended this event had a blast.

    I am curious what is Bagaybay. I haven't tasted one since I was born. LOL!

  10. the photos are amazingly captivating.....the bagaybay! gosh

  11. how cool! I just love looking at the drooling!

  12. I so love bagaybay! I'll make sure I'll have a taste once I am back there soon :-)

  13. wow, everything looks delicious, beautifully done and looks like everyone enjoyed the sumptuous meal...:)

  14. i'm drooling... not kidding.. hehe.. we'll sure visit this resto when we visit davao with my family in the future. thanks for sharing those delish photos.. :)



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