Bulgogi Brothers: Ready to Serve Davaoñeos

Korean craze in the country is just getting unstoppable. Apart from penetrating telenovelas, music videos, and what’s not, here is another fascination that we will all be obsessed of – the world of Korean food. It’s obviously seen by many that their restaurants are mushrooming in the country. In fact, the world’s most preferred Korean restaurant will open its newest branch in the Philippines.

A big surprise for Dabawanyo’s taste buds as Bulgogi Brothers will open its 5th branch in the country at SM Lanang, Davao City. This Korean barbecue house will melt your hearts out with the contemporary appetizing flavors that it offers. There are plenty of fantastic stuffs that you can look forward to in Bulgogi Brothers. Food. Service. Ambiance. What else? Name it, they’ll ace it.

My Bulgogi Brothers experience started with warm greetings coming from the restaurant’s attendants. Bright faces, happy smiles, and smart looks are some of the free appetizers you can grab. As we entered Bulgogi, I can’t help but notice a modern and cozy set-up, enough to make me astonished and briefly leave my mind thinking of what really this restaurant can offer my palate.

We were then introduced to our server for that day. His name was Louie and he thoroughly gave us the glimpse of what’s on their Menu. I and my friends were luckily given the chance to choose one dish in every type on this mock service. So here it goes:

Side dishes

These side dishes will truly tickle your tastes as different flavors go around your mouth.


What a starter! A mouth-watering Teriyaki chicken and fresh vegetables with in-house Korean dressing is on its way to fulfill your taste. This Chicken Naengchae is a must try.

Sogogi Japchae is one of the Korean Fusion starters you would never forget. This delectable pan-fried glass noodles, beef, carrots, spinach in soy sauce seasoning with rice cake is promisingly a kick ass.


Let’s get to the real scene. If you have not tried Un-yang style Bulgogi with their in-house barbecue sauces yet, then visiting Bulgogi Brothers might be one of the must-do’s you need to consider before the first month of 2013 comes to an end. Un-yang style Bulgogi is a famous royal cuisine made from thinly sliced beef, seasoned with their famous Un-yang sauce and hand-pressed into a heart shape.

This barbecue steak is cooked on a pan above their modern built-in digital fireless stove which is perfectly placed on the center of the dining table. It is an enticing watch that such mouth-watering dish is being prepared in front of you, something that you would want to immediately devour and waiting is utterly agonizing like no other. This is one of the living reasons that you will surely love Bulgogi Brothers. Adorable shape and intense beef flavors plus variant classy sauces are undeniably an amalgam of perfection.


Korean stews are called Jjigae. What was offered to us was their country’s famous and traditional fermented and aged spicy Kimchi stew. It was served with pork, tofu, and rice. The concoction of Kimchi Jjigae’s spiciness and its richness of flavors will continue to stimulate your appetite. From the beginning up till then, beautiful bombshells are just coming in.

The surprises to my palate are commendable, two-thumbs up for fantastic chefs trained in Manila, and basically for all the great stuff we’ve had. Bulgogi Brothers’ opening will be so timely. Radically, it’s New Year and new taste. This will be a great chance for Dabawenyo food adventurers and other tourists to have a taste of Korean foods at its finest. I have actually nothing to recommend, but one thing I really am sure of is that Bulgogi Brothers entirely brought the Korean Food experience into a whole new level, supreme it is.

This post is written by my fellow foodie, Gio Garcia. He is a good friend from the law school who accompanied me during the mock service at Bulgogi Brothers. 


  1. wow! Being a foodie that is a place I truly want to visit soon! The food treats made from fresh and healthy ingredients is a must try plus the culinary magic those chefs are sure to cast on everyone! hmmm hungry here though I have just eaten dinner! beautifully captured images...:)

  2. And when are these sumptuous food-serving restaurants find their way to Dubai? I hope when I come home for good, they will have branches in Quezon City :)

  3. I love bolgogi, we used to eat that and Bibimbap when we were living in South KOrea.

  4. A great new way to start the New Year by having a new favorite in food to add to the variation.

  5. I love bolgogi, hubby and I have the same taste in terms of food so we are the happy camper at the end of the day.

  6. I envy those people who digs dining in resto. I don't know, pero parang hindi ako nabubusog, even though talaga naman masasarap ang foods offered in restaurant(just like you have presented).. Siguro, feel ko lang talaga kumain sa bahay. BTW, seems a nice restaurant to visit. Meron bang branch yan sa Alabang Town Center?

  7. I haven't tried Korean dish but I am looking forward to coming home to Davao and tried these dishes. That noodle dish looks delicious!

  8. Haven't had any Korean food before.. But looking at the photos, I can't wait to try them.. =)

  9. meron bang price list for bulgogi brothers menu? ty

  10. affordable b naman dito? meron ba price list for the dishes? tnx

  11. I'm so interested to know the taste of all that. I like trying new foods even if I will not going to love it at the end.


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