McDonald's Ang Pao Coupons

Good fortune around in the year of the snake. Get your McDonald's Ang Pao mobile coupons now. All you need to do is to provide your name and contact number to get one of these coupons:


Get this coupon at Take note: Site can only be accessed by mobile phones and tablets.

1-pc Chicken McDo & Regular Float
Php 85 Only
Save Php 12

2-pc Chicken McDO & Regular Soft Drink
Php 95
Save Php 42

Big Mac & Medium Soft Drink
Php 95
Save Php 50

Double Cheeseburger & Regular Soft Drink
Php 85
Save Php 34

Medium Fries & Regular Coke McFloat
Php 55
Save Php15

Longganisa & Regular Eight O'clock Juice Drink
Php 75
Save Php 35

McChicken & Regular Real Leaf Frutchy Drink
Php 85
Save Php 39


  1. love it! i use these a lot. so much more convenient than the paper ones, i always lose those. big maaaaac

  2. i dowloaded 3 times,my questi0n is can my friends use the 2 i downloaded.can i share it to them via bluet0oth?


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