The New West Empire Chinese Restaurant and Seafood Garden

If you enjoy Chinese food, then the newly opened West Empire Chinese Restaurant and Seafood Garden is perfect for you. This new place is located at West JBT Plaza, Lanang St. It's a thirty minutes drive away from the downtown area of Davao but I believe that the travel is worth it because West Empire offers nothing but the best to their customers. Managed by the successful Tan family, there is no doubt that this Chinese restaurant will make a big name in the city's food industry.

Last month, a bloggers' lunch was held to showcase the various dishes available at West Empire. I'm privileged to be one of the invited bloggers for the event. There were second thoughts on whether or not I will show up especially with my sick condition during that time. When I made up my mind to be absent, Belinda, a friend from the law school who is part of the Tan family, said that I should come because their great food will surely make me feel better. Since I don't want to disappoint her, I confirmed my attendance and eventually thanked her because after the sumptuous lunch, I absolutely felt better.

For the appetizer, we had Assorted Cold Cuts (Pork, Chicken, Beef and Seafoods). Among the cuts, the soy chicken stands out because of its sauce's pleasant flavor.

While we were talking about the appetizer and soup, I asked my friend if they will be serving siomai for the lunch because I wanted to taste their own version of my most favorite Chinese food. To my delight she said yes and offered West Empire's Pork Siomai which was really full of flavors. I have to say that it's undeniably the best.

This is Hakao. I don't have much to say about this side dish because I was not able to have a bite of it. My attention was directed to the siomai.

What caught my attention to the next dish, Fried Crab with Salted Eggs, was its presentation. It was well-plated which made everyone on the table excited to have a taste of it. It's a mystery how the chef did a good job in preparing the crab dish. We all know that it takes efforts and talents to prepare a wonderful dish as this.

West Empire Chinese Restaurant and Seafood Garden takes pride in their Two-way Bamboo Lobster (Sashimi and Sotanghon in pot).

The Sizzling Beef Tenderloin (Chinese Style) was also served on the table. The best thing about this dish was that the beef was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Plus, it was placed on a hot plate!

I finally had a taste of the famous Xiao Long Bao! According to my friend, their version of this side dish is really great because they do not inject the sauce to the bun. What they do is to allow the sauce from the meat to make the dish mouthwatering.

This is called as the bloggers' favorite. When asked to name the top dish, we all answered "Warm Prawn Salad !" I'd certainly visit West Empire again this month and order this awesome dish. It's flavorful. No wonder we voted for it as the number one plate.

French Beans! This is not the type of food that I really enjoy so I said, "Pass!" To all those who are not aware of my food preference, here's a trivia about me: I don't really eat vegetables that much.

Spareribs Salt and Pepper - one of the best dishes served during the bloggers' lunch. 

Taro Puff with Assorted Meat. This is my least favorite from all the food served. But I'm not saying that it doesn't taste good. 

The Lemon Chicken Fillet is delightful. There is a generous serving of its lemon sauce which make the dish completely irresistible.

West Empire is indeed a seafood garden. They also served the delicious Steamed Lapu-Lapu in Soy Sauce. 

Just when we thought the lunch was over, Belinda called one of the waiters to serve the dessert. In a matter of one minute, the waiter came back with a Chilled Mango Sago. Oh, what a good way to end our emperor-like lunch.

In this photo: Some of the Davao Bloggers with Ms. Belinda Suaco and Mr. Jaime Tan.
Cham, Jonas, Ace, Belinda, Jaime, Joyce
Mark, Algene, Vanessa, Crislyn

West Empire's menu boasts of authentic Chinese dishes at par to that of fine dining Chinese restaurants you'd only normally see in Manila. An array of live and fresh seafood, that can be cooked any way you want, is readily available for you! With selections like lobsters, scallops, crabs, suahe, squid or fishes, the food choices are definitely endless.

Splurge on West Empire's best dishes! They promises that you'd surely come back wanting more. West Empire's over-all ambiance, topnotch service, coupled with it's visually appealing but reasonably-priced food portions, indeed, make it stand apart from the competition.


  1. I love Chinese food not only because I'm Chinese but because the food is delicious and I have a sense of connection with it. We'll be going to Davao in the coming Mahal na Araw so hopefully my uncle will bring us there to visit that restaurant. :D

  2. now that is totally not a good scene for those on diet they will crave to eat more hahah you took all the photos so nicely! Though all of these foods are very healthy if they indeed will eat this its good for everyone! i love chinese foods~ xx

  3. Can I say yummy? Nice food photography skills Attorney! Awesome!

  4. i love seafood! those dishes are so mouthwatering, specially the fried crab! another place to eat delicious meals!

  5. Looks so yummy! These are too classic Chinese dishes but never failed to make me drool whenever I see them.Do they have steamed spare ribs and chicken feet?

  6. Now I'm dying to go to Davao. Hope to meet you bloggers from Davao someday! Great post!

  7. Waah! I miss the Warm Prawn Salad! when I tasted it, it's like an explosion of flavors! yuumm!

    Got to find the recipe and I want my sister to cook it for our dinner.. :D

  8. The taro puff looks interesting to eat. I wolud love to have the assorted cold cuts

  9. Gah! Everything looks so scrumptious! :D It's so nice that Davao seems to have a lot of great restaurants. When I visit Davao, I'll definitely try West Empire and ask you for more resto recommendations! ;)

  10. oh,my gosh! the first platter looks mouthwatering...nakakagutom dito!

  11. West Empire serves Spareribs and Chicken Feet too! Algene love, thanks so much for a beautiful post! xx


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