Top Quality Coffee at Home or Work

Unless you work at the mall it can be hard to get a great cup of name brand coffee on a regular basis, especially if you are a fan of Starbucks or Gloria Jean’s K-Cup brewing system at home or at work it’s easy to get great coffee any time any time you’d like. An on demand coffee maker such as the Cuisinart® single serve brewing system transforms any location into a virtual coffee shop and with the press of a button you are the skilled barista.

Most on demand or single serve brewing systems feature a reservoir to hold as many as 12 cups of water so you don’t need to run back and forth to the faucet. They require an electrical outlet and take up about the same amount of space as a conventional coffee maker but are far less complex to operate. There is no need to scoop or measure coffee nor are there any flimsy filters to fool with. You do not have to worry about who gets to clean the coffee pot or carafe because the machine brews directly into your cup, mug, glass or travel mug.

On demand coffee is always fresh, hot and flavorful because the coffee inserts are individually sealed and remain unopened until the time of brewing; it is consistently good because all of the decisions have been made for you – the water to coffee ratio is pre-set and designed to bring out the very best in each cup of coffee. The other benefit is speed – once you position your mug and insert a coffee disc, the coffee brews in less than a minute, which sure beats standing in line at the mall to wait for a pricey cup of coffee.

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