Exquisite Dining at Antonio's Bar and Grill

Antonio's Bar & Grill is one of my favorite Filipino restaurants in the city. The branch that I always visit is the one located in SM City of Davao. What is nice about this food place is that the owners and its management keep on reinventing new dishes. Antonio's never settle for anything less that is why they always introduce something new and exciting in the market. They make sure that customers get the right amount of satisfaction from everything they serve on the table. Some of its latest roaster of dishes are the Sisig Pusit, Bagnet and Frozen Buko Pandan.

Sisig Pusit - Pampanga's specialty of pork sisig stuffed inside the liquid.

Bagnet - Ilocos famous crispy pork belly.

Frozen Buko Pandan - Filipino all time favorite classic dessert.

The three new dishes available at Antonio's were products of the collaboration of the said Filipino restaurant and a well-reknowned Davaoena chef. It was a privilege on my part to be one of the invited guests for Antonio's  launching of its new dishes and Valentine's promo offer for the year. Together with me were some members of the press and bloggers community of the city. Antonio's Bar & Grill served exquisite dishes that made everyone completely full and satisfied during the event. 

Crispy Pata - Deep fried pork knuckles served with soy-vinegar dip.

Inihaw or Crispy Tuna Belly - Deep fried tuna belly.

Dinakdakan - Spicy pork mascara blended with special ingredient & mayonnaise, vinegar and spices.

Sinigang na Hipon - Tamarind sour soup with shrimp and vegetable.

Crispy Bangus Sa Inadobong Kangkong at Gata - Crispy fried bangus topped with stewed kangkong and coconut milk.

Pinaputok na Manok - Deep friend seasoned chicken wrapped in banana leaves.

Balbacua - Stewed ox feet and skin cooked in Antonio's special sauce.

Inadobong Manok sa Gata at Sili - Chicken stewed in vinegar, garlic & soy sauce then coconut milk with added chili fingers.

Bulalo - Beef bone marrow soup. 

Binagoongang Gulay - Assorted vegetable sauteed in fermented shrimp and stewed in coconut milk.

The dishes featured above are those that are included in Antonio's Bar and Grill - A Love Story (Valentine's Promo). The mechanics of the February offering will be posted tomorrow on this blog. So watch out for it! You and your special someone can get a couple shirt for FREE.

This great Filipino restaurant aims to project its casual dining experience by offering dishes popular in different parts of the country using the freshest and finest ingredients sourced from the local (Davao) producers. As Mr. Anthony Ang, the founding owner would say, "You don't have to travel away from Davao to enjoy the delicacies of different regions from Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao."

If you have a thing for Filipino specialty dishes, then make sure to include visiting Antonio's in your bucket list this February. You can visit any of the following branches:
- SM City Davao Branch (Ground floor)
- Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao (3rd floor)
- SM City Gensan Branch (Ground Level Alfresco)


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    Good luck!

  2. I would love to try that Binagoongang Gulay right now..Yummy!

  3. been carving for that Buko Pandan, I will keep Antonio's in mind when I visit Davao. But I won't just eat by myself , will bring the whole gang since the food looks yummy!

  4. you captured those foods beautifully, making me hungry. they all look good, at mukhang sasakit ang batok ko if i have them all in one sitting

  5. Seriously I'm drooling right now with all the food presented here. They look all delicious and unique. I'm sure you had a delightful dining experience. Ang lalayo naman ng branches niyan hay sa Manila ako eh. :|

  6. That squid looks like a killer :) I can take that shrimp soup with perhaps a couple of cups of rice. Now I am starving.

  7. lingaw ang taste test no? :D

    murag gipadali lang naman ta! haha!
    pero sa ako, ganahan ko sa ilang sisig na squid. :D

  8. wow oh wow just by the look of it , it's really tempting but too bad i'm definitely into diet this year.

  9. binagongang gulay is yummy! shud cook one also Just bought a whole bottle of bagooong ystredy hehe xx

  10. Nothing beats the goodness of Filipino specialties. We must really love our own!

  11. Great photos sis Algene, you really capture the food well. Ika nga picture palang masarap na!

  12. Thr crispy tuna belly is really awesome, I haven't eaten this yet and I am craving for it.

  13. I am curious with the sisig pusit,it looks delish and all the menus too.

  14. wow now I'm hungry :( mukhang ang sarap ng food nila...


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