Satisfy Your Cravings for Japanese Cuisine at Teriyaki Boy

Teriyaki Boy is one of the great Japanese restaurants in the Davao city. With a magnificent selection of dishes, foodies can find anything they want at this place. They can order for fully-satisfying Japanese foods without spending much of their money because Teriyaki Boy's prices are highly affordable. In fact, there are also available offers and promotions that make every diner get the best value of their bucks. You can check the great deals at Tboy for the month of February by clicking here.

Combining the warmth of the easy and the efficiency of the west, Teriyaki Boy is one of the pioneering and leading brands in casual Japanese dining in the Philippines today. Its name has become synonymous with delicious and top-quality Japanese food at affordable price points.

If you are planning to visit Teriyaki Boy and have no idea what to order, I highly recommend that you order any of the dishes listed below. 

Crazy California Roll
A crazy twist on the old time favorite. Crabstick combined with fresh mango, fresh watermelon and crispy iceberg lettuce rolled in orange and green fish roe, accompanied by deep fried leeks for a savory kick.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Don
Signature grilled Teriyaki Boy Chicken, with sweet and savoury teriyaki sauce, topped on steamed Japanese rice, and served in our special Ju Box.

Tempura Tuna Sashimi
A spicy mix of tuna sashimi, Japanese mayo and tempura flakes.

Beef Teriyaki Don
Thinly sliced beef, stir-fried with our Teriyaki Boy sauce. Served with a siding of savoury sesame moyashi.

Philly Cheese Steak Roll
An American classic with a Japanese twist. Teppanyaki beef with deep fried sweet onions topped with flame torched cheese served with our new rolls dip.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken
Succulent grilled boneless chicken, marinated and cooked with their very own Teriyaki Boy sauce.

Maguro Sushi
Fresh yellowfin tuna, on top of vinegared rice, served with fresh daikon and wasabi.

California Maki
Crabstick salad with fresh mango, coated with fresh shrimp roe.


Teriyaki Boy opened its doors to Dabawenyos last May 2010. Since then, the Davao branch has gained popularity for its irresistible authentic Japanese dishes. Aside from this, Teriyaki Boy also takes pride in offering great customer service to all their diners. The owner, Ms. Nikki, always makes sure that the visitors get the right amount of satisfaction after their casual dining at Teriyaki Boy.

The seasonal inviting offers coupled with the unwavering commitment to serving excellent quality fare has put Teriyaki Boy on the Dabawenyos food map.


  1. I would love to try that Philly Cheese steak roll. I must admit I have yet to see a sushi like that.

  2. Teriyaki Boy Chicken don looks so delicious! If I have time, I would make a visit to Teriyaki Boy.. :D

  3. Teriyaki Boy has been established in so many years before and I don't think it's reinventing its menu. Do you think it should anytime soon, to compete against new rivalries' offerings?

  4. I love California Maki and will give a try when we visit Teriyaki boy in Abreeza.

  5. These are new menus, i think. I was there with some of my college friend on my 2010, my last vacation. They serve good food.

  6. I tried Teriyaki Boy here in Manila I think several times already. And I love their menu. And that chicken teriyaki and the philly cheese steak maki are my faves

  7. This Crazy California Roll looks delicious and that Tempura Tuna Sashimi is appetizing. I never try to eat in a Japanese restaurant maybe this time, I should really have to visit. Big thanks for sharing this with us.


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