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Cheesecake is a type of cake which, as the name suggests, is made from cheese, eggs, and sugar. The cheese involved in cheesecake may not necessarily be cream cheese. It generally consist a hard and crisp base usually made out of biscuits. Alternatively even sponge cakes are used as a base for cheesecake. Cheesecake comes with a wide variety of flavors including lemon, toffee, and strawberry. A plethora of options are available for toppings including fruit or chocolate sauce, nuts or even real fruits.

The origin of cheesecake comes from ancient Greece where it was a popular dish. After the Roman conquest of Greece they too adopted the dish and thus it started becoming popular slowly and steadily. Early on, cheesecakes were used for religious purposes and were of two kinds - 'libum' and 'placenta'. Of these two 'placenta' is the one having relatively more resemblance to the modern cheesecake. However these early preparations are far from what we eat today.

The modern commercial cheesecake was prepared in 1872 by William Lawrence from New York when he tried to discover a new way to create French cheese and accidentally stumbled upon something heavier and creamier than normal cream cheese. Other dairymen also came up with their versions of cheese during that time. In the year of 1912 a person named James Kraft came up with a form of pasteurized cream cheese and later in 1928 acquired a Philadelphia trademark for it. This is usually the exact kind of cheese used in modern cheesecakes.

The kind of cheese used in these cakes differs according to the region. While Canada and USA use cream cheese, Italy use ricotta, and the Netherlands and Poland make use of quark. These cakes can be baked in a leak proof pan and are usually kept on a hot water bath for even spreading of heat. Due to its very high density it takes more time to bake this cake than a normal one and it continues baking even after it has been removed from the oven. The varieties of cheesecakes are almost innumerable and change even in the same continent. Thus, the taste of cheesecake also varies from one region to other (even early preparations of the cake varied in tastes according to the regions).

There is a lot of debate in the classification of cheesecake. While the early Greek called it as a cake, some authors suggest that using eggs as a leavening agent makes it a torte. Others claim that the use of a separate base or crust and absence of flour makes it a custard pie.

Regardless of the type of dessert it fall in, one thing is certain that cheesecake is a heavy dish and like other desserts must be consumed sparingly by diet conscious people. Cheesecake tastes best cold and is a little less on calorie than brownies. The versatility of cheesecake is the 'X' factor of this dessert and thus can be paired with almost anything. So if you are in check with your calorie intake, then go on and treat yourself with a slice of cheesecake. Enjoy and thanks for reading!!!

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