Macarons in Singapore and in Other Parts of the Globe

Nothing beats the taste of well-prepared macarons. The mere sight of full assembled macarons on a dish can leave you salivating. Macarons is a popular pastry in many countries. The main ingredients in the preparation of macarons are eggs, granulated sugar, icing sugar, almond powder and food coloring. The confectionery is also sandwiched with butter cream or jam in between the cookies. The origin of macarons is highly attributed to the French, with sources indicating that it was first prepared in a convent in Cormery, France. However through time, various countries also indulge themselves in making these sweets on their own unique versions. Macarons in Singapore, Korea, Japan, and USA are just a few to mention.

Nutritional Value of Macarons

Macarons is available in raspberry, chocolate and even mocha flavors. A single macaron will have about 2 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat, 15 grams of carbohydrates and 120 calories. This content varies depending on the flavor of the macarons. The energy in the macaron is derived from the eggs while the fats are from almond flour. The sugars provide the carbohydrates.

Existing Varieties

Depending on how it is prepared, there you can find several varieties of macarons.The varieties are identified with different countries which prepare the confectionery in different ways.

In Switzerland for example, the macarons are a bit smaller and airy compared to French macarons. French macarons are popular in all regions of France so to say. In Singapore, the French pastry has also become popular among the natives. Macaron in Singapore are available in many food stores and joints. Some of the best spots in Singapore to get good macarons include; Chekers Deli, Jewels Artisan Chocolate, Hediard Cafe Boutique, Obolo and the Sweet Spot.
Moreover, macaron is also a popular confectionery in Japan. In Korea, green tea powder or leaves is added to the macarons to give it Asian flavor.Macarons still remain to be most popular in France, where even McDonald are popular joints for the pastry. The only place outside Europe where the French-style macaroni can be found is Canada and the United States.
Even home bakers could not resist this simple confectionary. Though many people find macarons intimidation due to the tricky baking procedures, a growing number of macaron lovers are still giving it a try through the use of cookbooks or YouTube videos.
Another aspect that makes baking macarons intimidating is the nneed to have necessary equipment to create this specialty. You will need pipining bag with a large round tip together with a silicon baking mat or parchment paper. You will also need a stand mixer for the eggs and a bowl scraper. Despite of the finicky procedures, you can also find that these macarons are really inexpensive to make. The almond flour is what most home bakers found to be the most expensive ingredient.
Craving for macarons now? Then start digging for the right resources to try your very own macarons or run to the nearest patisserie and satisfy that cravings in no time.
Macarons in Singapore. Each French-styled macaron is an art piece. Appealing flavours, natural, smooth, light, not overly sweet. Obolo craft an award winning macarons!

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