Take Your Grilling FLAVOR to the Next Level!

Sunday is my most favorite part of the week. It is the only day when I don't feel any guilt at all for setting aside all my work and school-related tasks. During this day, the only thing I want to do is to hang out with the persons dear to me. It is the perfect day for us to catch up with each other's lives. Sunday lunch with my family has become a tradition. There are times when we dine at the local restaurants. Sometimes, we only stay at home and prepare the usual Sunday dishes. After spending a great morning and afternoon with my family, the next thing I do is to bond with my close friends over cups of coffee or bottles of beers. Oftentimes, we also stay at home to watch movies, read magazines, check websites and sleep!

Sunday is also a grilled day for me! Over the years, I have mastered a simple grilling recipe that I would like to share to all of you. I call this my very own Bomb Chicken ala Chic. The name may sound funny but I can guarantee that once you try this recipe, you will surely love it. 

For the ingredients, you need:
- Chicken cut into pieces
- Garlic
- Chili powder
- Black pepper
- Red onions
- Soy sauce
- Vinegar
- Worcestershire sauce (optional)

Steps to follow:
1. Mix the soy sauce and vinegar together with the garlic and red onions (you can also have the worcestershire sauce)
2. Seasoned the chicken with black pepper and chili powder 
3. Marinate the chicken for two to three hours using the sauce prepared 
4. Make sure to prepare another sauce to be used for the grilling (chili powder, garlic, red onions, soy sauce and vinegar)
5. As you grill, apply the sauce to the chicken

Tip: Make sure to make cuts on your chicken to ensure that it will be grilled properly.

Since we have already talked about grilling activities on Sunday, allow me to invite you into a great grilling event! It's time to take your grilling flavor to the next level!

Be a part of the McCormick Grill Nation on April 7, 4pm onwards at the Bonifacio High Street!

By the way, I'm thinking of using this seasoning mix on my next grilling activity! I'm sure it will make my dish completely irresistible.

“A la Pobre”, which means “of the poor”, is a funny name for a dish rich in taste and flavor to add on your favorite grilled meat or beef, pork and chicken with McCormick Steak a la Pobre Seasoning Mix. The distinct taste of garlic, soy sauce and other special herbs and spices is captured to provide you the exact taste of “a la Pobre” cooking style

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