5 Best Chinese Foods Available in Australia

China, the most populous nation in the world, is renowned for its cuisine, and for good reason too. With it’s huge variety and delicious flavours, it offers something for every individual taste. Australia, being in relative proximity to China, offers the consumer to choose from when it comes to Chinese cuisine. The huge number of choices available can be problematic though - how do you decide what to go for? Here we have put together a shortlist of five excellent dishes to help you with your next order.

Peking Duck (“bajing kaowya”)
This is considered the national dish of China, served with thin pancakes, spring onions and a sweet, brown sauce, known as hoisin sauce. Originally from Beijing, the ducks are specifically bread and raised in order to make the dish. The duck is sliced into many thin cuts, which is added together with the other ingredients inside the pancake.

Sweet and Sour Pork - (“tung tsoo leejee”)
Sweet and sour pork is a staple of Cantonese cuisine and consists of pieces of pork deep fried and then stir fried along with vegetables and sometimes pineapple as well. The sauce is made up of sugar, vinegar, ketchup and soy sauce which all combine to give a delicious, unique taste. This dish is pulled off best when the cook manages to find the perfect balance between the sweet and sour, as well as making sure the batter on the pork is still crispy and crunchy.

Wontons - (“hwn twn”)
These are dumplings from the North of China which are filled with meat and vegetables. The most common ingredient is pork, often seasoned with extra spices and other ingredients. The outer layer is dough, made up of flour, salt, water and eggs, making a very thin outer coating, normally in a triangle shape. Once the fillings have been stuffed inside, they are either boiled or fried.

Spring Rolls - (“chwn jwen”)
Spring Rolls make great appetisers, made with a round, thin dough which is deep fried and can be filled with all sorts of different ingredients, from fried vegetables and tofu to baby shrimp. They are often eaten during the spring festival in China, which is where the name comes from. The fresh vegetables, green shoots and light texture also make you think of spring too! The rolls are always served with a helping of sweet and sour sauce as well.

Chicken “Chow Mein”
The term “Chow Mein” mean stir-fried noodles in Chinese. These noodles are made by being boiled in water for a while, and once they have been left to cool for a while, they are then stir fried and severed along with onions, celery, carrots, cabbage and bean sprouts. This is often topped with a helping of soy sauce.

So there you have it! Five fantastic Chinese dishes that will serve as a great introduction to Chinese cuisine. There are so many we have left out, that it is worth checking out many dishes not on this list - the chicken and sweet corn or hot and sour soups for example, and the lemon chicken to name but a few.

Jennifer is a professional copywriter who is passionate about food and travel. She has worked with EatNow Australia Ltd recently to write articles on different types of foods and restaurants. Eatnow.com.au is a website set up to make ordering food online from a wide range of great local restaurants in Australia. Customers can browse the website for different cuisine takeaways like Thai takeaway, Chinese takeaway, Indian takeaway and many others.

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