Addicted to Diet Soda? The Tasty Calorie Free Beverages That Offer a Healthy Alternative

If you're one of the millions of people who chooses diet soda to quench their thirst, then you've probably seen some of the bad press that these drinks get. While low calorie or calorie-free versions of sugary soft drinks give you a way to enjoy the flavors and fizz you love without adding empty calories to your diet, there are various ideas about why they may not be good for your body.

Try Flavored Water

Different substances affect different people in different ways, so for some people high consumption of drinks containing artificial sweeteners along with caffeine can have negative effects on their livers, and can cause headaches and other symptoms. They can also cause water retention, which can be a problem if you are drinking them in the first place to help lose weight!

Even if you manage to enjoy diet soft drinks with seemingly no negative effects at all, it is worth remembering that they are addictive, due to the high caffeine content in most popular brands, and that they also contain acids that can cause teeth to rot more quickly than sugar. It is therefore always worth looking at alternative ways to get your refreshment.

Water on its own is a bit boring, right? That's why most people choose the diet soft drinks in the first place. However, choosing water as your main drink will offer profound health benefits, so if you enhance the flavor to create something you enjoy, you'll be glad you did. You can add flavor to water with fruit juice, if you want something fresh and natural, however this can add calories if you aren't careful.

You can buy calorie-free or low-calorie water enhancers (check out brands like Mio) which you simply squeeze a few drops of into your water before drinking. These are good because you can control how strong the flavor is, you can take them anywhere as the concentrate comes in very small bottles and you only use a drop or two each time, and it works out far cheaper than buying diet drinks. Flavor carbonated water instead if you want a fizzy drink.

Try Flavored Teas, Hot or Cold

Teas are one of the best things you can drink. If you don't want to give up caffeine because you like the extra energy or you have withdrawal headaches when you stop drinking things that contain it, tea is one of the healthiest ways to get it, and it also contains antioxidants. Try green or black tea for a different flavor. Alternatively, you can try fruit or herbal teas and forgo the caffeine.

Whatever flavor you enjoy when it comes to fruit, from citrus flavors like lemon and tangerine to raspberry, blueberry, cherry or refreshing mango, you can find tea-style infusions you can make easily with hot water, which will have no calories. You can also get herbal teas which have some additional health benefits; for example, chamomile is known to help with stress and insomnia. If you don't like the taste of an herbal tea but want the supplementary benefits, look out for fruit flavored versions or mix your own! If you prefer a cold drink, simply chill your tea of choice or blend with ice.

About the author: When Emma decided to start eating and drinking more healthily, she decided to buy chamomile tea and raspberry leaf tea to replace diet soda. She has since tried out a variety of different fruit teas and recommends the taste to everyone!

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