Are You a Burger Fan?

Two years ago, I labeled myself as a "non-burger fan". If asked to choose between cakes and burgers, I'd definitely choose the first one. In fact, I even promised not to eat burgers because I don't like its taste. I cannot understand why others enjoy eating a patty in a bun. Well, people change. Right now, I can consider myself an ultimate "burger fan". However, I'm still quite picky about the types of burgers I order. At the same time, I also choose only the best burger chains / restaurants in the city. 

When I was given a chance to grace an opening event of a new burger place in Davao, I didn't hesitate to attend. I wanted to try out their burgers and see if I can recommend it to my friends. You can check my short post here: The Metro Burgers: Opening this February

The verdict? Highly-recommended! Great tasting burgers at affordable prices.

These are some of the photos taken during the opening. Forgive me for uploading these late!


  1. I love burgers and would love to visit The Metro Burgers...the pictures look very appetizing.

  2. I am a burger fan; I especially love the ones with grilled onions and thousand-island sauce.

  3. I like burgers, but especially the ones I make at home. It all depends on how the burger is made and what are its ingredients - and don't ds=iscount the roll.

  4. Yes I love burgers;hubby,too!

  5. This burger looks very tasty. Thanks for sharing!


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