Celebrating Easter Sunday

I was checking my phone's photo album and saw the cute designs we made for Easter Sunday. My friend visited me at home and brought some half egg shaped chocolates with toppers. We spent the afternoon decorating the chocolate Easter egg. It was such a fun activity! Aside from having the chance to create our own chocolate Easter eggs, we were also able to have a deep conversation about how things have changed for the past few years.

So, these are some of the designs we created:

 photo F9E1B2EF-9AA6-454D-AD52-2F504C2B3E58-1016-000000BFE3CB0116.jpg
Yellow Flower
 photo 6BD44849-94A2-43AD-AA16-0381D29A2EC8-1016-000000BFFDAE7CBD.jpg
The Rocket
 photo 769A4E26-3E55-4D93-A2DC-5ACCD8E1CE49-1016-000000C004E1C0B7.jpg
Happy Butterfly
 photo A596D767-76A9-4E01-99A8-6E2457E21C3D-1016-000000C00C5DEDB2.jpg
Beautiful Flower
 photo 2C2B0D07-420B-444D-9271-787AAD925708-1016-000000BFECA80349.jpg
Orange on Top

The egg-shaped chocolates and toppers were bought from Goldilocks Specialty Store. These goodies were only made available for the Easter Sunday celebration. So, how do you find our designs? They look like they were created by little children but we don't care! We love our outputs and we're proud of it.


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