Happy Anniversary, Fridays Davao!

There is always a good reason to celebrate. For Friday's Abreeza branch, they hosted two events on May 18, 2013 to celebrate their 2nd year anniversary in business. I believe that their success can be attributed to the efforts made by each member of the TGIF Davao team. Each of them make sure that their customers do not only enjoy great servings of dishes but also love the Friday's environment. They do this by being attentive to all their guests and welcoming visitors with open arms. 

On the same day, a Bar Champ was also held on this branch. Three in-house bartenders showcased their talents in mixing the best drinks. In the said competition, the winner won a cash prize and a gift certificate to spend on Friday's Abreeza branch. 

Thank you to Ronald of Friday's for inviting me to celebrate with you! And of course, Congratulations to the whole team of TGIF Davao for the good job done.

Here is the story of the 2nd Anniversary Celebration of TGIF Abreeza Branch. My next blog post will contain the full details of the event.


  1. I always love dining at TGIF... laging malaki ang serving and talagang nakakabusog... sayang at di ako napadaan kahapon dito :-(

  2. What I miss about T.G.I.Friday's is there fresh salads and dips and sauces that are very well blend. And good to know Two years na sila sa Davao. Congrats T.G.I.F!

  3. I like TGIF, sadly we don't have it in my place.They serve good food kahit may kamahalan.

  4. Just seeing the logo of good ol' Friday's brings back so much childhood memories! :)


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