Sweet Spot: Absolutely Irresistible

Half of summer has already ended. Barely one month is left before I go back to school and spend my nights studying my law subjects. Because of this, I'm doing everything I can to experience ultimate fun and happiness for the remaining days of my Summer 2013. If you happen to visit my main blog, you will find out that one of my May posts talked about Summerfaction 2013 in Tienda del Mercado. It is a month-long event where different food owners and businesses in the city gather every weekend to serve their specialties to the guests. Aside from the weekend food fair, the management of Tienda also prepared some activities to keep people coming back to Tienda del Mercado.

Another fun thing to do during this hot season is to visit Sweet Spot. This place specializes in creating artisan ice cream made from crocodile eggs.

 photo 8A420006-6DBD-425D-BB8E-E2CA835887B7-540-00000032D6B90533.jpg

Chef Bianca Dizon wanted to bring something new to Davao city which is the reason why she came up with the idea of using crocodile eggs for her ice cream.

 photo 77D9F47B-C536-4E82-B875-171303DC1733-540-00000032EAD2A822.jpg

Sweet Spot sells the following flavors:

  • Crocodile Dragon Fruit
  • Crocodile Pandan
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee Rush
  • MangoMazing
  • Strawberry
  • Cookies 'n Cream
  • Cheeze Cheese
  • Ube Purple
  • Buko Pandan
 photo FB89BEC9-C570-458B-9AF0-3CF6770742F6-540-00000032D77417E7.jpg

The Sweet Spot promise: Our ice cream tickles you right on your sweet spot.

 photo DB8339B0-47C5-4E55-A481-F229B94BC2B0-540-00000032E339C057.jpg

Crocodile Park
Riverfront Corporate Complex
Ma-a, Diversion Road


  1. Wow, ice cream made out of crocodile eggs sounds like something that is worth a try. =)

  2. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try the crocodile egg ice cream but it does look so delicious! :) What flavor did you like best?

  3. They have cute names for ice cream flavors. I would like to also have some toppings to add on to those if they have. :)

  4. I've been hearing much about this crocodile ice cream parlor in Davao... Hope they open a branch in Manila.

  5. yay totoo ba 'to, they are using Crocodile Eggs? Hindi ba bawal yun? and I am curios how much is the price per scoop of this ice cream. This is my first time to hear this kind of ice cream

  6. Hmm.. ice cream. Its my comfort food. haha! i'd love to have this anytime of the day. But crocodile eggs? Hmm.. I may have to think twice. haha! sorry, ignorant me


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