Safari Adventure at Outback Grill

Outback Grill is one of the newest restaurants in the city. Many people love visiting the place because of its unique jungle ambiance, engaging promotion, great services and delectable dishes. The first time I visited Outback Grill was two weeks ago with my family. We weren't planning to dine out but since we all felt lazy to prepare our dinner, we decided to visit this new place for the foodies. It seemed like we made a great decision because Outback Grill is quite exceptional.

A plane crashed in the restaurant's roof. This is one of the things that make Outback Grill unique. You will never see another restaurant in Davao which has the same concept. However, my brother noticed that the lights in the plane are interchanged. He informed me that the green light should be placed on the right side and the yellow one of the left. Well, I just kept quiet because I really had no idea which one is correct. Since he has taken ground school and is about to take flying courses, then he must be absolutely right.

There are three reasons why you should visit Outback Grill:

1. Best Meals. Affordable Prices.

We all want to dine in a place which serves sumptuous dishes at highly affordable prices. We may be willing to pay for the food we order but it feels great to enjoy the food and at the same time, pay a small amount of money for it. At Outback Grill, we can save big without feeling deprived of the best dishes.

There are Zoolit meals available for everyone. Take note, it comes with an unlimited rice (which I didn't take advantage of since I'm not a rice person.) Each serving also contains a cucumber salsa.

BFF Combo is only Php 115. The meal is composed of a Chicken BBQ and Pork Barbecue served with Cucumber Salsa and Unlimited rice.

The Pork Belly is only Php 99. This Zoolit meal is composed of two cuts of Pork Belly served with Cucumber Salsa and Unlimited rice.

Aside from the famous Zoolit meals, there are also other dishes which can be ordered such as the Outback Bulalo. It only costs Php 210.

2. Entertainment for the Guests.

What is to love at Outback Grill? The amazing Outback Fire Dancers and the every night Band! They are the ones who make sure that guests and visitors are well-entertained. The best days to visit this place are Fridays and Saturdays. The band is available every night while the fire dancers are available only during the weekends.

3. Safari Adventure.

Have you been to Australia? Have you visited Singapore's Night Safari? Have you tried being in a jungle? If yes, then you will surely appreciate the ambiance of Outback Grill. The place will make you feel that you are "in" for a safari adventure while enjoying your order. If you haven't tried being in a safari, then make sure to visit Outback Grill now.

Trivia about the place:
- Outback Grill opened last September 15, 2012.
- In less than one year of operation, it has already been voted as the Best BBQ in Davao City.

Location: Bacaca Road, Garcia Heights (in front of Zoofari)
Contact number: (082) 226-2909
Facebook page:


  1. Wow! I love the looks of the place. The prices are really affordable. Seeing the Bulalo, oh gosh! I'm now craving! I hope to be able to visit soon.

  2. Oh I thought Outback Grill is located in Eastwood. Outback Steakhouse pala iyon! :) Whew, Davao is too far from here. Anyway, we'll check that out next time we go south.

  3. I want some of that Outback Bulalo yummy

  4. Hubby and I loves grilled foods. Do they also have other branches aside from their Davao Branch?

    1. As of now, only at Davao City. Along Bacaca Road, fronting Ladislawa Village, going to El Rio.

  5. I don't think I've dined in a place similar to this! Wait, I'm a little confused. Is it the same with Outback Steakhouse or that's an entirely different restaurant?

  6. I've heard of this resto and I never thought that it would be a jungle-like theme which is very unique! And the meals are affordable which is so helpful especially those who are on the budget. :D

  7. Jungle Ambiance indeed. I must agree, having a super yummy food in low price is better.

  8. Sounds like a great place to eat. Talking about the ambiance and all the entertaining acts they have for their audience/customers. Very good.

  9. I initially thought this is the same Outback Steakhouse as we have here in Manila. But anyway, this looks like a nice and affordable Pinoy grill house serving Filipino comfort food. Yum!

  10. The post belly is mouthwatering. Just the other day cos I don't see it in the stores here, they don't sell pork belly. I like to watch the Outback Fire Dancers and band while eating there.

  11. Food looks yummy. I would definitely visit this place if I go to Davao. The place looks good and clean. :)

  12. I definitely agree.. they have the best prices!! really affordable..

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  14. Also quite impressed with the quality of the food here, as well as the prices! it is perfect for barkadas and family!


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