Lamb Burgers: Your Stomach’s New Best Friend

No matter where in the world you might find yourself, you can always find a place that serves the humble hamburger. We’re not talking about McDonalds or Burger King here, since they’ve spread around the world like migrating birds, but restaurants and cafés that have their own take on the culinary classic. While the vast majority of burgers are made from beef, a lot of them also contain pork (particularly supermarket bought frozen hamburger patties), and there are also a lot of other kinds of meat that will make for a deliciously unique burger experience. Rack of lamb and lamb chops have been on the dinner table for many generations, but did you know that lamb couldalso make for a truly tasty burger?

The Art of The Patty
Essentially any kind of minced meat can be made into a hamburger patty, using an egg and a bit of elbow grease. Burger purists will turn their noses up at the idea of using breadcrumbs to bind the meat together, but for some of us, it’s a vital part of the process. The patty is important- it can be disappointing to order a chicken burger and discover that the so-called patty is just a piece of fried or grilled chicken. It’s like the difference between a steak sandwich and a hamburger!

Lamb and The Golden Arches
You know that if McDonalds has started offering a product, then it must be pretty popular. Cashing in on Australia’s long history of eating lamb in any shape or form, in 2012, McDonalds started selling their “Serious Lamb Burger down under. It’s not so serious when it comes to healthy eating, since the burger is very high in calories and contains more than half the recommended daily sodium intake for an average adult. Not to worry though - enjoying lamb in burger form doesn’t have to be such a guilt inducing experience.

Lamb Burgers at Home
Minced lamb meat tends to have more fat than minced beef, so enjoying a healthy lamb burger is all about how you prepare the patty. Obviously, most of us go for the leanest meat available, but since lamb can have a high fat content, it’s a great idea to grill the patties, rather than fry them, allowing the excess fat to separate from the meat and drip away. It’s also possible to roast the burger patties, as this also removes a lot of the fat during cooking.

What To Eat It With?
Many traditional lamb recipes call for the meat to be eaten with mint sauce, and the herb really does make a delicious and fitting accompaniment to lamb. While substituting mint sauce for ketchup is maybe a step too far, mixing dried or fresh mint leaves into the patty gives the burgers an almost refreshing taste. Ketchup and BBQ sauces might be traditional for burgers, but the sweet and spicy taste can often overwhelm the subtle taste of the lamb. Instead, opt for a creamy sauce like mayonnaise or aioli.

Lamb is delicious and versatile, and one taste of lamb burgers will leave your family wanting more. While it might have a slightly higher fat content than other kinds of meat, this actually helps the burger patties stay together, meaning you don’t have to worry about those pesky breadcrumbs…

This is a guest post by culinary blogger Kate Simmons, an avid traveller and self-proclaimed gourmet. Kate firmly believes burgers deserve a place on any food enthusiasts menu. Visit the link to see some delicious pork chop recipes.

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  1. Will be giving these a go, hopefully more successful than my disastrous turkey burgers!


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