Buffet Dinners and Drinking Sessions with Friends

Everytime I go out with friends, the first thing we do is to find a great restaurant where we can satisfy our cravings for great foods. It's one of our ways to bond, get in touch with each other and update ourselves with what's new in our lives. We usually go to buffet restaurants so we can have longer time to chat and enjoy the different counters available. The nice thing about this kind of food places is that we only need to pay a little amount for our dinner and we're all set. We can already enjoy Japanese, Filipino and Chinese cuisines in one place.

After a heavy and fun-filled dinner, we find for a new place where we can talk important matters in our lives over some bottles of beers. There are also nights when we prefer glasses of wine over beers. However, since the latter are more affordable and easier to find, we go for popular beer lagers. We buy our drinks in buckets so we can save more! As much as possible, we don't spend big bucks on alcohol since we'd rather save it for our out of town trips.

Despite our hectic schedules, we make sure that we have enough time to keep the fire of our friendship burning. The best feeling in this world is knowing that at the end of the day, we have our friends to make us feel better and happier. 

How about you? How do you spend time with the people who matters most?

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