Experience Traditional Korean Cuisine with Bulgogi Sets

Who says you need to spend big bucks before you can enjoy authentic Korean dishes? With the newest promo of Bulgogi Brothers - SM Lanang Premier (Davao city branch), you can enjoy 8 different sets of meals for a price of Php 296 only. I honestly believe that it's an absolutely sulit especially that each set comes with a plate of fresh green salad with sweet potatoes and refillable chilled Korean tea.

Feast your taste buds on sumptuous Korean Cuisine when you dine in Bulgogi Brothers. These are the 8 sets you can choose from:
  • Claypot Bulgogi Set
  • Spicy Boneless Chicken Set
  • Boneless Pork Ribs BBQ Set
  • Pork Bulgogi Set
  • Korean Pork Belly Set
  • Seafood Soybean Stew Set
  • Bulgogi Bibimbap Set
  • Beef Bulgogi Set

Bulgogi Brothers invited me and some bloggers to try the dishes included in their Bulgogi Sets. When it comes to the question of "which among the 8 sets are worth the pay," I would recommend the Bulgogi Bibimbap Set. Enjoy a bowl of rice mixed with shrimp, squid and various vegetables for only a price of Php 295. However, for the question of "which among them is the best," my answer would definitely be the Spicy Boneless Chicken Set. 

Want to enjoy these? 

Appetizer: Corn, Sweet Potato, Quail Egg
Kim Chi - the most favorite Korean appetizer

Haemul Bibimbap

Pork  Belly Bulgogi Set

Seafood Soybean Stew Set

Claypot Bulgogi Set

For wine-lovers (not included in the Bulgogi Sets)

The Bulgogi Set Php 295 offer is available all-day only at SM Lanang Premier branch. 


  1. Oh, I love Korean dishes! Quite affordable, too, for a set like that.

  2. yummy! but not the ones with seafood as my husband is allergic to it, that's pretty sulit indeed and a complete meal at that!

  3. I miss Korean foods so much! I sometimes make bibimbap here although I don't have all the ingredients, just to satisfy my cravings.

  4. I kind of miss the food in Seoul. Although, I haven't eaten most of the Korean staples, I find the bibimbap a bit bland for my taste but the Korean BBQ, wow!

    Those food entrees look sumptuous. I feel like eating now. :)

  5. My! everything looks yummy! What I love about korean cuisine is its high-nutritional value always something that makes the skin pretty hihi - antioxidants!

  6. Yay! for that affordable prize, would love to taste that Korean dish :-) It looks delish too :-)

  7. omg! my family love japanese and of course koeran! we love them so much that we even learnt how to cook this kinds of foods! my husband is good cooking bulgogi!

  8. I love korean foods or anything asian foods. I usually crave this kind of food than wester foodies.

  9. i love Korean dishes, and what I love eating in their restaurants, they always serve us right away with various kinds of appetizers. these all look oh so yummy!

  10. hmmmm everything looks and sounds yummy! my sister in law is into anything Korean these days and I am sure she will have a blast in that resto :) you are such a great foodie blogger :)

  11. That looks yummy! I am craving for any Asian food now.

  12. Taga bundok talaga ako. Never experience eating Korean dishes, but the Seafood Soybean Stew Set seems okay. Meron kaya nyan dito sa Manila. The price kasi is reasonable.

  13. Bulgogi and Bibimbap!!! I have to try that resto soon as I heard the food is really delicioso!

  14. I so envy looking at those yumminess with a very affordable prices. That's because the P sign looks so good compared to the $ sign when it comes to prices of commodities! :D

    Was here on behalf of my daughter Triz!

  15. that's what i call happy dining out. full plates, without you feeling robbed of your money.

  16. Drooling on the spicy look. I'm beginning to love food blogs.

  17. Having a brother-in-law who is a Korean makes me think I'm lucky to have experienced the awesome and nutritious Korean foods. They are delicious and good for the body too. Moderation in eating is the key with the right balance of food intake.

  18. Hmm! I can't remember having tried out a Korean cuisine yet. The foods look very appetizing, Algene. Very reasonably priced too!


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