What to Love at Friday's (New Wave of 295 Promo)

T.G.I. Friday's has always been my favorite restaurant in Abreeza Ayala Mall. The number one reason why I keep coming back to this place is because of their accommodating waiter and waitresses. For a foodie like me, I don't only consider the food and the price of the dishes of a certain restaurant, I also look into how the servers provide satisfaction to their guests. In the case of Friday's Abreeza team, they always make me feel that they are happy to have me as a customer. The second reason is that this Friday's branch constantly prepares new offers and promos to everyone. Just like recently, they launched the second wave of their P295 Meals Promo.

I'm glad that I was given an opportunity to try all the dishes included in the new promotion of T.G.I.F. Abreeza. Every bite was fully satisfying. I can't believe that for only P295, I can already get full servings of these:

Championship Pork Barbecue Porkchop

This dish is the answer to all my cravings for barbecues! The meal is served with Friday's garlic rice, onion rings, porkchop barbecue and special sauce. Out of the four dishes, this one is my favorite. If you have no idea what to order, then this one should come first in your list. It's a must-try!  

Pasta Diablo

For those who want to eat light, I recommend that you order the Pasta Diablo. One thing I love about it is the perfect blend of the spicy and sour taste. Aside from that, the pasta is also perfectly cooked. This dish will put you into a great mood.

Bruschetta Fish

Don't like meat and pasta? Don't worry because Bruschetta Fish meal is included in the P295 promo. Personally, this is my least favorite in the set but that does not mean it's not a must-order. You can order this in your next visit at Friday's Abreeza and tell me if I was wrong for placing this dish on the fourth rank.

Chicken Chimichurri

This one is my second favorite from the P295 Promo. The Chicken Chimichurri is served on a hot plate making the dish more appealing and delicious. I love it when my food sizzles. 

Thank you to Ronald of Friday's Abreeza for inviting the Davao food bloggers to try their latest offering!

Important things to remember for this promo:
  • Guests can only avail of this promo every Monday to Thursday from 11am to 3pm.
  • Only available at Friday's Abreeza branch.


  1. I love foods...loved cooking...and this promo suits my appetite. Sometimes, I asked myself, why food really attracts me? Maybe, I thought,....without giving much answer for my question. Good foodie blog!

  2. These look delicious! Haven't been to TGI Friday's because I heard it's very pricey.

  3. How I wish taga-Davao na rin ako. ang damingpromo eh. BTW, yung Pasta Diablo is something I like to try.

  4. I haven’t tried eating at any TGIF branch. I might visit one soon.

  5. oh, would love that barbq with garlic rice too, but my next would be the rice and fish, am so much a rice person, somehow, because i cook pasta often whenever I am too busy ( I find pasta meals easiest to cook for me ), i try to stay away from pasta when eating out. however, i don't understand why i still crave for rice when eating out even if i also eat rice 3x a day at home!

  6. I like the fish and the chimichuri. I haven't ordered those yet but I'm not sure if we have those meals in the menu of TGIF here in Dubai. Not that I've seen them.

  7. I have never been into TGIF here nor there, but if ever we pass by one I will going to ask my husband to try and dine-in there. the food looks good.

  8. I've left the Philippines without even trying out TGIF, I've always had the chance but passed on it at the Ayala Center Cebu and always ended up at a pizza parlour. hehehe, maybe next time when we get to have a vacation. I know that they always have good food!

  9. The grilled porkhops looks delicious! Makes me hungry.

  10. Just went to Friday's a week ago. The difference is they don't serve rice here.

  11. Oh my, I wish I was aware of this promo then. I would love taking advantage of these offers. Their food is a bit expensive but sulit naman. :)


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