What's New at Bulgogi Brothers for October 2013

"Where is the best place to eat at SM Lanang?" At least three of my friends have asked me this same question. They know that I'm a food blogger and they are interested in knowing what I have to say about the restaurants I've been to at the premiere mall in our city. One of my constant answers is Bulgogi Brothers. I always tell them how this place serves authentic Korean dishes to all its guests. Another reason why I enjoy dining at this Korean restaurant is because of their accommodating and knowledgeable staff. Whenever I inquire into the details of what the waiters and waitresses serving me, they never failed to give the satisfying answers. 

Now, I have found more reasons to love this place. They have launched something grand for their customers in Davao city.

Korean Barbecue Specials

The P795 Combinations

As a big fan of steaks, I find the Bulgogi Brothers' Top Blade Steak Barbecue as a sulit dish. It is available for only P595! Every slice tasted will bring you in a completely happy state. With this order, I can guarantee that you will leave the restaurant with a smile on your face.

Any fans of salmon here? Raise your hands and dine at Bulgogi Brothers in SM Lanang Premier. Order for the Salmon Fillet Barbecue also for a price of P595. You have the option to prepare your salmon the way you want it or the waiter/waitresses can cook it on your table.

The next is the Pork Belly Barbeque which can be ordered for only P495. This is another favorite bbq special of mine. I can't believe that for less than a price of P500, I already have a special dish. 

Let's go to the P795 combinations. Imagine two of your favorite Korean Barbecue Specials in one dish! You can choose from the following:

1. Salmon Fillet & L.A. Style Beef
2. Salmon Fillet & Boneless Short Ribs
3. Salmon Fillet & Top Blade Steak

All dishes are served with Bulgogi Brother's signature appetizer and tea. So, in case you happen to shop at SM Lanang and have no idea to go, then I recommend that you visit this great Bistro Restaurant located at the second floor of the mall. For those who prefer dining at night, you can request for the outdoor tables in order for you to have a view of the dancing water fountain. 

Korean poses at Bulgogi Brothers!


  1. I miss eating bulgogi, makes me miss my third home, Korea.

  2. I am not much of a meat lover, I cant eat this without big plates of vegetables, but I love Korean, their spicy vegetable dishes and heavenly vegetable based pancakes.

  3. It's now affordable to eat at Bulgogi Brothers! I wanna have my own order of pork belly bbq. :D

  4. I have never tried those, although the last time i've heard that they are worth to spend...

  5. I have not eaten Korean dishes after 2001! I've been to Korea once but I had no gastronomic adventures there, I would love to try bulgogi one day.

  6. I would love to try their salmon and I'm sure my hubby and my kids will order Pork belly barbeque because they love meat more than fish.

  7. Oh my! I love Korean food. You’re lucky you have that restaurant there. I wish my place has too. Those look tasty! ^_^

  8. Yummy salmon and it makes me drool :-) Nothing beats spending time with friends and having a full stomach afterwards :-)

  9. I am not into Korean dishes but the pork belly barbeque is something to try.

  10. Bulgogi sounds Italian to me! Lol. And then a friend told me that it is a generic term Korean term daw for food, and there is also a menu daw talaga named the same. :) What a nice place for foodies! Kakamiss na talaga mag resto hopping dyan! Yung tipong alam mong masarap talaga lahat ng menus kasi very "Asian" yung timpla. :D

  11. They all look appetizing! I wonder how Korean cuisine tastes like. I am sure it's divine!

  12. Wow, those sets are mouthwatering! I haven't dine there yet, I didn't know that it's this affordable, will definitely tempt my hubby with your blog post.


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