Go Nuts Cro-nuts Now in Davao City

Have you heard of the latest cronut craze in the city? Go Nuts Donuts is proud to announce that all their Davao stores are now selling the special and sought-after cro-nuts. These products are served fresh from their local commissary. This means customers can enjoy freshly baked and hot cro-nuts which will certainly increase their satisfaction. 

The combination of the exceptional lightness of a donut and extraordinary crispiness of a croissant creates an ultimate melt-into-your-mouth masterpiece. There are six flavors available":
  • Blue Berry Cream Cheese - Fried and filled with cream cheese and topped with blueberry jam.
  • Chocolate Almond - Fried and injected with pastry cream, topped with chocolate fudge and sprinkled with almond silvers.
  • Peaches and Cream - Friend and injected with pastry cream and topped with whipped cream and peaches.
  • Strawberry Jam - Fried and injected with pastry cream and topped with Go Nuts Donuts homemade jam.
  • Plain Sugared - Fried and injected with pastry cream and rolled in sugar.
  • Apple Cinnamon - Fried and filled with pastry cream, rolled in cinnamon sugar and topped with homemade apple jam.

Here's another good news from Go Nuts Donuts!

"For 10 days only. We are rolling back our prices to what they were 10 years ago. #celebrating10yearsofdeliciouscreations #parangkailanlang #wherewereyou10yearsago"

When we were finally finished in Davao, we got back home and had a play of bingo at gamevillage.com – and we were much happier for it!

This promo is available only at these stores:

1. SM Makati
2. Market! Market!
3. SM San Lazaro
4. SM Sta. Mesa
5. SM Lipa
6. Sta. Lucia Grandmall
7. SM Southmall
9. SM Megamall
10. SM Manila
11. SM Sta. Rosa
12. Bridgeway, Araneta
13. SM North EDSA
14. Shopwise Arcade Araneta
15. Gaisano Alabang
16. Robinsons Manila
17. SM North Bridge
18. SM Baliwag
19. Abreeza, Davao
20. Gaisano, Davao

Promo period: November 8-17, 2013


  1. My! Cronuts! I have heard of it months back but I haven't really seen a photo of it. The one you posted looks delicious. I love croissants and I can eat it as it is but it's a great idea to make it to donuts in-one! :D I would so love to try it, I think the Php 15 is affordable. :)

  2. Those are yummy treats. But, I simply hate the smell of donuts and the likes.

  3. Wow! Davao is so competitive now, I've seen there;s a lot of new restaurants this year.

  4. I will surely try this one, I didn't know they have the newest donuts, but I like go nuts do nut and besides they are lesser expensive than the other one. Hehhee

  5. wow! I am such a doughnut lover-- I must say that those doughnuts are so yummy looking and for a very affordable price!

  6. Oh my yummy goodness, my son would sure drool on this!

  7. I loved donuts and cronuts for my favorite foods which my children devoured instantly.

  8. My gosh! That looks better than doughnuts...I would love to try them.

  9. Wow! LOts of branches for those donuts! I feel like going nuts for wanting to grab one right now but I can't! LOL.

  10. Since the Cronuts taste test, I haven't bought a cronut from them. Maybe soon. I love the Peaches and Cream anyway. :D

  11. wow! i could not believe on how expensive everything in the Ph now.. it looks good and i'm sure my son would love to eat those.

  12. I haven't tasted cronuts yet and I'm curious how it tastes like. Anyone who can send me some here in Dubai? :)

  13. Cronuts would make my boys very happy l am sure! l wish to have a taste right now! lf l could only grab one from my phone's screen :)

  14. Oh wow, I want to avail of their 10 pesos promo, thanks for the tip Algene! I wish they'd give discount for cronuts too :)

  15. At first, I wonder what cronut is. Now, I know! Anyway, I both baked goodies so this combo must be really good.

  16. Wow! 15 each sounds so good to me.. Will defo take my Tita there! :)

  17. I'd defo bring my Tita here! 15 pesos each sounds so good! :)


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