Sushi Dito Opens Second Branch in Davao

There is another reason for Davao foodies to feel extreme happiness. A new branch of Sushi Dito is now open at Hai Global Building, Pryce Business Park. Just recently, I visited the new place with my fellow food bloggers. I must say it's a great restaurant to dine in with friends and family members. In this post, I will list the different reasons why Sushi Dito - Hai Global branch is a must-visit.

1. Bigger Area 

If you have visited Sushi Dito's branch in Quirino, you would probably agree on me that it's not big enough for large groups. There are only limited numbers of tables and chairs. Maybe it was because the concept of the restaurant then was to just offer free delivery for their Davao customers. Such service was made possible through their site where people can make and process orders online. This time, the owners heeded to the requests of the avid Sushi Dito guests and opened a much bigger place for everyone.

2. Food to Die For

Satisfying - one word to describe all the dishes available at Sushi Dito. When I visited the new branch with my fellow bloggers, these were served to us:

Yamata No Orochi
Elai Fried
Elai Gyoza
Chicken Gyoza
Omelet Prawns

Yamata No Orochi - Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Miami Roll, California Maki, Salmon Nigiri, Tuna Nigiri, Orange Dragon.

Diablo with Shrimps
Selvatici with Mushrooms
Spaghetti Vongole
Cremoso Dip


Bicol Express
Creamy Pork Steak
Yangchow Fried Rice
Sinigang na Baka

3.  Convenience and Satisfaction

What I love about Sushi Dito's management is that they know how to value their visitors well. Everyone in this new restaurant wants to offer utmost satisfaction and convenience to their customers. Each table has this device where guests can simply press the buttons "Call," "Bill" and "Cancel." This way, people can enjoy their orders more and experience more satisfaction while dining. They do not need to wave their hands before they can call the attention of the servers.

4. Better Location

The new branch of Sushi Dito is more accessible that its first branch in the city. In fact, it's just a minute drive away from the malls of Davao and other big establishments. The best part of all is there are many parking spaces available. 

For more information, you can visit their site
You can also find them on Facebook:

Contact numbers:
(082) 285-8168


  1. it's good that they offer delivery too :)

  2. Wow..I liked all these food and the plating is very pleasant.

  3. I don't know if there's a branch of Sushi Dito here in Metro Manila. If there is, I'd love to try all of these foods. The omelet prawns looks delicious.

  4. i need my sushi fix, now na!!! :D
    it's nice of them to serve local food too. :)

  5. What a great restaurant to visit when your in davao city, i love the food you share they look great.

  6. Yayayay, the dishes are just so deli. Yung Japanese one sa iyo na lang and the Filipino putahe are just perfect for me.

  7. They have fantastic food presentations! Makes you wanna eat them all! Yum yum!

  8. will definitely check this place when I go to Davao :) mouthwatering!

  9. My husband love sushi, I think he would enjoy there.

  10. WoW! I like any kind of sushi. That's good they have delivery service am sure it would be a big hit in the area.

  11. Pasta in a Japenese resto? Only in the Philippines..

    1. the pasta is from the italian restaurant, ilForno - its a new concept, 3 restaurants sharing one roof.

  12. How I wish na may ganito sa Metro Manila. I would love to enjoy the sushi while hubby enjoys his pasta.

  13. Early in the morning, and I am hungry and these foods makes me starving more. wahh... drooling here.

  14. They look so oh yummy!!! :)


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