The Coffee Growing Regions of the World

A cup of coffee is a cup of coffee, right? Well, if you're used to drinking the instant variety, that statement may be partly true. However, when you're comparing the most flavoursome and aromatic coffees from the major growing regions of the world, the profiles couldn't be more different. Whichever region you prefer, however, buying your coffee beans from Lavazza guarantees the freshest, most flavoursome coffee found anywhere in the world.

Central America

Central America is a huge coffee growing region, with Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala providing the North American market with a huge proportion of its annual imports. Coffee from this part of the world is often associated with high levels of acidity, and they're also known for their chocolate tones and tart sweetness. Of all the great coffee growing regions, Central America is perhaps regarded as the one that consistently produces balanced coffee that appeals to most tastes.


Brazil's huge volume of coffee production makes it a region all of its own. Brazilian beans are known for their nutty flavours. Slightly bolder than their Central American counterparts, Brazilian beans are popular components in espresso blends. However, many coffee enthusiasts believe the aftertaste they leave makes them less versatile than more northerly-grown coffees.


Ethiopia has a vast and diverse landmass that is capable of producing various flavour profiles. Coffee beans in this part of the world are either processed naturally by being dried in direct sunlight or by using the 'washed' method - whereby the fruit is stripped from the seed within 12 hours of picking. Syrupy, fruity and bold are all terms that could be used to describe Ethiopian coffees. However, such is the number of different coffee beans grown in the African country, 'consistent quality' would be the best description.

Kenyan coffee beans are known for their innate boldness. They are often likened to the bold citrus flavours of vine-grown tomatoes and winter berries, and they make excellent dessert coffees.


The humidity and intense heat of Indonesia, as well as the specific processing methods used in the country, make for deep, earthy coffees that often have smoky undertones. Complex and intensely savoury, Indonesian coffees have a flavour profile all of their own.

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