Have a Jolly Break Because You Deserve One

Do you feel that things are getting out of hand? Is your non-stop work causing you so much stress? Don't fret. All you need to do is to take a break and treat yourself to a delightful dessert that you truly deserve. The newest ad of Jollibee says "Have a Jolly Break." The newest addition to their menu is the Jollibee Kit Kat Mix-ins which has goodness in every scoop. 

Last week, some members of the Davao Bloggers Society gathered at Jollibee Matina Town Square (MTS) branch for the launching of this new product. 

Jollibee understands that the young go-getters these days consider break times as sacred and thus must be enjoyed to the fullest. That is why they have decided to spice up everyone's break by coming up with a perfect dessert made with Kit Kat and soft serve ice cream. 

Enjoy the perfect combination of Jollibee's creamy vanilla soft serve and Kit Kat's crunchy chocolate goodness! Every order gives everyone more irresistible reason to look forward to break times. Best of all, chocolate lovers can make the Jollibee Kit Kat Mix-ins an everyday staple as this scrumptious treat is only P38!

Below are some of the photos taken during the event:
Thanks to the marketing team of Jollibee in Southern Mindanao.
Jolly Day with Jollibee and the Davao Bloggers!
Group selfie!
Thank you for this treat! 10 Free Kit Kat Mix-ins for my loved ones who deserve a Jolly Break.

Make breaks yummier and more enjoyable with the chocolate goodness of the new Jollibee Kit Kat Mix-ins, now available in at all Jollibee outlets nationwide. Have a break, have a Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins!


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