Davao Dampa for Filipino Foodies in the City

My love for Filipino dishes will always be superior than my love for any other international cuisine. There is always "something" about the all-time favorite dishes of every Pinoy. It amazes me how different Filipinos create exceptional dishes and make their own twists in the food they prepare. For Davao foodies who also love Filipino cuisine, I am happy to announce that you can now visit a new Filipino-Seafood restaurant located at the heart of the city. This new place is called "Davao Dampa" which is now seving Dabawenyos and Dabawenyas at Tionko St. corner Arellano Street. 

This restaurant enables customers to choose the fresh seafood they want to have for their lunch or dinner. Dampa Davao's employee will be happy to assist you as you make your selection. At the same time, you also have a choice on how you want your seafood to be prepared - grilled (sinugba), tinola, sinigang or deep fried. 

This new place also takes pride in serving Grilled Native Chicken which is one of the favorites of Filipinos. When I visited the place with some of my Davao Blogger friends, we decided to order for the non-native Chicken. In Davao city, BBQs are really a must-try especially those served at Davao Dampa!

For the seafoods, we have these dishes:


Too bad I was not able to take a photo of the Ginataang Hito which, I believe, is the best dish served during the food tasting event. Everyone in our table loved that dish! With this new restaurant in Davao, one no longer needs to go to Calinan before you can enjoy a perfectly-cooked deep friend Hito. The Spicy Gambas in a sizzling plate is also a must-order, so as the Chicharong Tilapia.

Restaurant Details:
Dampa Davao
Location: Tionko Avenue corner Arellano Street (near Central Bank)
Contact number: (082) 305 3269

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