Fun Dining at RBG (Restaurant, Bar & Grill) for DFAT 2014

Davao Food Appreciation Tour is an annual food and travel event for the bloggers by the bloggers. During DFAT, bloggers from different parts of the country gather at Davao city to take on a gastronomic adventure. All participants hop from one restaurant to another, try new and special dishes together and find more reasons to say "Indeed, life is here." I am happy to say that I have participated twice in this long and highly anticipated event - the first one was last year (DFAT 2013) and the second one was DFAT 2014. 

The first stop for Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2014 was RGB (short for Restaurant Bar & Grill) - the in-house restaurant of Park Inn by Radisson. This bold new bar and grill concept delivers buzz and ambiance, great food and friendly service in a modern setting. The vibrant decor adds life and energy to the casual scenery, while the cozy ambiance encourages social interaction among guests.

The restaurant is located at the ground floor of the hotel making it highly accessible for all guests. RGB takes pride in serving both international and Filipino cuisine to satisfy every diner. For our DFAT 2014 lunch, the chef prepared a sumptuous menu. 

We had RBG Mini Burger with Fries and Ceviche for our appetizer. 

The next thing on the menu was Seafood Sinigang sa Mangosteen. Sinigang is known as one of the favorites of Filipinos. At RBG, the chef made a twist by adding a boiled mangosteen to make its sinigang soup an exceptional one. The soup also has a generous serving of mixed seafoods.

Lechon Pasta and Pasta de Davao were also included in our menu. 

Of the two pasta specialties, my favorite one is Pasta de Davao (photo below). This Davao-inspired dish is served with the combination of white sauce, imbao, bihod and bagaybay. 

Now, for the entrée, we had Grilled Chicken, Beef Salpicao and Crispy Pork Belly. What I love about these dishes is that they were cooked perfectly and were rich in flavors. 

Undoubtedly, my most favorite was the Crispy Pork Belly. This dish is said to be one of RBG's best-sellers. 

Two must-try desserts from RBG are Durian and Mangosteen Cheesecake.

Did you know that guests always order for these desserts? RBG is known for serving the best mangosteen and durian cheesecake in the city. The first type of cheesecake has the right amount of sweetness and mangosteen flavor. On the other hand, the second one has a strong durian flavor but it still tastes great. 

RBG is designed for today's generation of fun-loving urbanites. It is the perfect place where they can enjoy comfort food and socialize in between and after work. This place is not like a fancy restaurant in a hotel which offers menu items that are too difficult to digest at first read. At RBG, everything is easy as Sunday morning. It's all about chilling out with the comfort food cooked to perfection with rich flavors.

Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2014 Participants at RBG

Restaurant details:
RBG (Restaurant, Bar & Grill)
Operating hours: 6AM-11PM Daily
Contact number: 082 272 7600
Location: Ground Floor of Park Inn by Radisson Davao

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