Most Popular Italian Dishes

Italian cuisine is renowned all around the world for its rich flavours and traditional ingredients. Pasta is without a doubt Italy’s greatest export with a staggering number of us eating it at least once a week! With this in mind, here is a handy guide to some of the most popular Italian dishes.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara - This is one of the most celebrated pasta dishes in the whole of Italy; however it is most prominent in traditional Roman cuisine. The authentic Roman version includes very few ingredients; these being, guanciale (pig’s cheek), pecorino cheese, egg and a generous helping of black pepper. The key to the perfect carbonara is to remove your pan from the heat before adding the egg in order to avoid curdling. Nothing really compares to indulging in this authentic Italian dish in a real Italian restaurant in Rome, so if you are travelling to Rome anytime soon, book your accommodation via pages like this one and head out to try some of that incredibly delicious pasta alla carbonara.

Lasagna - This is a fantastic versatile pasta dish that can be made in many different ways. A traditional Italian lasagna is created from layers of pasta sheets with the regular addition of a flavoursome tomato/meat sauce and béchamel cream. This being said, Italians often enjoy vegetarian versions using regional ingredients such as artichokes and aubergines.

Saltimbocca alla Romana - This wonderful Italian dish is made by adorning delightful veal medallions with salty prosciutto crudo (cured ham) and sage leaves before being marinated in an Italian dry white wine. Saltimbocca is believed to be of Northern Italian origin, however was quickly adopted by the Romans and is today considered to be a staple dish that can be found in the capital’s many charming trattorias.

Spaghetti alle Vongole - This delicious seafood dish is eaten throughout Italy. The freshest of clams are used to produce a dish that is so simple, yet so full of flavour. A traditional spaghetti alle vongole will see the cooked clams added to a tomato-based sauce rich in garlic, white wine and fresh parsley. If you’re staying by the sea, this dish is an absolute must in order to get a real taste of traditional Italian cuisine.

Bucatini all’Amatriciana - This delightful pasta dish is a true classic and is made using very few ingredients. The amatriciana sauce traditionally consists of fresh tomatoes, guanciale, white wine, pecorino and parmesan cheese as well as of the peculiar shaped bucatini pasta. This dish originates from the town of Amatrice and can now be found throughout the Italian peninsula.

Italy is home to such a vast array of delicious dishes that you will no doubt be spoilt for choice. Regardless of what you choose, you’re in for a real treat in this culinary rich country!

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