Getting Ready for #DFAT2015

It's that time of the year again! Travel and food bloggers from different cities in the country are flying to Davao city for the most anticipated blogging event - Davao Food Appreciation Tour. Now on its eight year, #DFAT2015 is bigger and more fun! Chic Foodies will be one of the bloggers who will explore the beauty of Davao's home-grown restaurants and other food establishments.

Here's the list of our itinerary for DFAT 2015:

MAY 1, Friday
2 pm Snacks and Orientation at Mam Bebs
5:30 pm Dinner at Vikings

MAY 2, Saturday
11 am Brunch at Polo Bistro at Marco Polo Hotel Davao
1 pm Davao City FUN Tour + Crocodile Park + Zip City
5:30 pm Gelato and Snacks at Missy Bon Bon Breadshop
8 pm Dinner at Lachi's
10 pm Bloggers' Night Out - Free BEER courtesy of San Miguel Brewery

MAY 3, Sunday
6 am Optional Beach Trip at Costa Marina
2 pm Late Lunch at Alor's / Yummy
5:30 pm Pica-Pica and Tete a Tete with Davao Bloggers at Yellow Hauz
8 pm Late Dinner at Basti's Brew
10pm Desserts at Aling Poping's

MAY 4, Monday
10 am Brunch at Annie Pie
2 pm Snacks at Margies Bakeshop

For updates about our gastronomic adventure this weekend, like the official DFAT Page at, follow @davaofood  on Twitter and Instagram. 

The event's official hashtags are #DFAT2015, #VisitDavaoFunSale, #SMARTSummer, #SMARTLiveAllOut, #TeamInstaxPh, #Fujifilmph, and #ShareDavao.  We will also be updating with hashtags #DavaoFood, #DavaoDining, #DavaoDesserts, and #DavaoFun.

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