Happy Every Hour: Friday's "The Ultimates" at 50% Off

Good news to all those who enjoy hanging out at Friday's! You can now order for the beverages under "The Ultimates" at 50% discount. This offer is available daily until 7PM. Yes, even during the weekends -- the perfect days to hang out with friends and chill with loved ones. From 7PM onwards, these drinks are back to their regular prices. 

Ultimate Mojito
Shake things up Cuban-style! Bacardi Superior rum, fresh mint, sugar and soda make the Mojito one of coolest premium cocktails.

Ultimate Hawaiian Volcano
Tropical juices, southern comfort, amaretto, smirnoff vodka equal an eruption of fun 295.00

Ultimate Margarita
Signature Margarita made with margarita mix and premium tequila gold. It’s the Ultimate ultimate. 

Ultimate Long Island Iced Tea
Not the tea grandma sipped. Spiked with premium gin, smirnoff vodka, gold rum, triple sec and brandy.

Ultimate Mango Mai Tai
Head to the tropics with this mixture of premium Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, mango and tropical juices.

Ultimate Strawberry Margarita
Jose Cuervo Gold, Triple Sec and strawberry puree are a quick ticket to paradise.

Ultimate Electric Lemonade
Jump start the party with premium vodka, sweet and sour and a jolt of blue curacao.

Ultimate Mudslide *Highly recommended by Chic Foodies
A chocolate-laced avalanche of Kahlua, premium vodka, Bailey's, Irish cream and ice cream.

Ultimate Pomegranate Margarita
A refreshing combination of premium tequila, triple sec, fresh sour mix and pomegranate syrup.

Enjoy the ultimate beverages for only P150 from P295! This offer is available at all TGIF branches in the Philippines. For more information, you can follow Friday's on Twitter and Instagram @TGIFridaysPH. 

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