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"Everybody deserves a coffee break." Most of us are busy with all the things going on with our lives. There is a need to balance everything - from work, to our personal life and relationships with other people. When we start to feel that there is too much stress in our daily lives, then maybe it is about time to take a break that we deserve. Well, we do not really need to go out of town or to the beach before we can enjoy a short break. Sometimes, all it takes is to visit a local coffee house that offers "all the relaxing things" that we deserve.

If you are around Davao city, then consider yourself lucky because another homegrown coffee shop has opened its doors for everyone. Koffiepauze had its grand opening earlier at the groud floor of 100 Roxas Avenue Dormitory. 

Below is the photo of one of my favorite areas from the said coffee place. "Koffiepauze" is a dutch word that simply means "coffee break." According to the persons behind this new "perfect hang-out area" in the city, "It is in the heart of our service that we want our dear customers to feel - the luxury of their coffee break." 

You will surely love a break from your daily grind with oh-so-good cup of Jo's Koffie.

Or you can also indulge into a sweet treat by getting this Aloha Latte.

These are the major categories of the drinks that you can order from Koffie Pauze:
  • Koffie Drinks
  • Non-koffiee Drinks
  • Koffie Blended Frappe
  • Non-koffie Frappe
  • Smoothies
  • Tea Coolers
  • Soda

All-day rice meals are also available. Each meal is served with rice, egg and iced tea. Add only P20 to get a cup of coffee. Pasta, salad, sandwiches and other short orders are also available at Koffie Pauze. These are some of their delectable dishes:

Cordon Bleu priced at P160 

 Lasagna available for only P155

Breaded Pork Chop at P160 

Koffiepauze is operated by SMT-FAM Business Ventures Co. through the person of one of the managing partners, Donna Patricia Tinio. Chef Donna is a graduate of Culinary Arts from a prestigious Culinary School in Davao city. She has certificates in special baking classes. As the chef, she promises to give every Koffiepauze client a better coffee and food experience. 

Restaurant details:
Ground Floor, 100 Roxas Avenue-Dormitory
Contact number: (082) 224-4750
Email address: koffie_pauze@yahoo.com
Facebook account: www.facebook.com/koffie-pauze
Twitter: @koffie_pauze
Instagram: @koffie-pauze

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