Marco Polo Launches Signature Dishes and Cocktails

In a small media celebration, Marco Polo Davao formally launched its signature dishes and cocktails at Café last February 29, 2018. The best part of the said event was when the hotel's General Manager Dottie Würgler-Cronin herself prepared one of the dishes. During the media gathering, MPD announced that the following dishes will be available at all their food outlets in the hotel for an indefinite period of time:

Davao Kinilaw

Baked BBQ Baby Back Ribs

You will love Davao Kinilaw for having full flavors of every ingredient added to it.

The Davao Kinilaw, is the hotel’s own version of the local favorite, tuna kinilaw. It is prepared similarly to a ceviche with distinct local ingredients such as cucumber, Philippine lime (dayap) with calamansi (native lemon) and fried dried squid. 

GM Dottie , took delight in personally demonstrating the preparation of the signature dish, 
which will be available at any dining outlet of the hotel. 

Ms Dottie has a special connection with the Tuna Kinilaw, as she prepared this dish for her colleagues during the GM’s Conference of Marco Polo Hotels in Niccolo Chengdu, China last year. 

Let the Baked BBQ Baby Back Ribs satisfy your cravings for meaty goodness.

Executive Sous Chef Alex Destriza also presented the second signature dish of Marco Polo Davao, the Baked BBQ Baby Back Ribs which has also been an all-time favourite of its regular dining guests.  

Taste the flavor of Davao Punch.

MPD also launched the all new hotel's signature drink -- Davao Punch. This beverage is prepared with Davao's very own famous sweet pomelo combined with passion fruit, soda and grenadine. Its alcoholic version is tagged as Davao Punch with a Kick and is served with vodka.

What are you waiting for? Visit Marco Polo Davao now to try these all-new signature dishes and beverage.

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